Most small and medium businesses in India and abroad are aware of the benefits of WhatsApp and a majority of them agree that it is an essential customer and team communication channel. 

Facebook, Inc. launched a business variant of WhatsApp in 2018, WhatsApp Business, keeping in mind the requirements of small businesses. But what is WhatsApp Business? What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business? Is lead generation through WhatsApp effective?

Read on to find the answers!


What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a business communication app and when it comes to communicating, WhatsApp Business is as good as the common version. But what makes it different are the various other tools that are incorporated in it. 

According to research, more than 80% of people conduct their business and personal interactions through Whatsapp Business today. This app has replaced SMS and has undoubtedly become the most preferred communication channel amongst businesses. 

WhatsApp is extremely popular among people and has billions of users worldwide. People use it extensively to send and receive messages, images, videos, or other attachments. In case WhatsApp outreach is not part of your marketing strategy, you might want to reconsider. 

Read on to know about the benefits of WhatsApp Business and how it is the No. 1 business communication app for small and medium businesses.   


Features of WhatsApp Business

With WhatsApp Business, there’s a lot more that businesses can do than just communicating with customers. Here are some of the features that benefit a business greatly:

Business profile

By providing your essential information like contact number, address, business email address, website URL, adding a catalog you can tell as much as you can to your target audience who connects with you on WhatsApp.


The app lets you save answers to frequently asked questions. So each time you are occupied with something and receive a common inquiry, all you have to do is select the answer to that particular question and send it. 

Automated engagement

For the times that you are away or are too busy, you can let the person messaging you know that you are away and will connect with them later. With this feature, you can create automated messages like a greeting message to introduce them to your business or an away message if you are busy.


You can arrange your contacts and chats using customizable labels, which enables you to locate the chats and customers easily whenever you want.  

End-to-end encrypted

The app’s new versions have an end-to-end encryption feature that provides secures your chat. Your receiver and you are the only ones who can read or listen to the conversation. 

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Benefits of WhatsApp Business

The business tools that come along with WhatsApp Business enhance the entire business communication process. The best part is, they’re all free!

Apart from being a free business communication tool, here are two major benefits of WhatsApp business:

Tremendous reach

WhatsApp has billions of users worldwide, and people prefer using it to reach out to their contacts in different parts of the world. It allows you to receive and send messages instantly to and from any corner of the world. The platform is tailor-made for small and medium business owners. 

A big advantage of the app is that you can access it using multiple devices like your smartphone, computer, tablet, or laptop. It works on all platforms, be it Android, Windows, or iOS. 

It is the app preferred by people of all age groups, regardless of their gender or profession. Furthermore, small businesses like departmental stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores often use the app to interact with their customers.


A simple and intuitive interface is one of the most valuable benefits of WhatsApp Business as it makes the app easier for anyone to use regardless of their age or educational qualification. 

Through the app, you can make video and audio calls to anyone in the world. It allows you to instantly send images, videos, documents, contacts, and links, regardless of your connection speed. You can even use the in-built camera to click and send images instantly. 

You can create groups for selected clients, friends, or relatives and communicate with them together either via chat or audio, or video calls. 

WhatsApp is also available on desktops, letting you sync your chats and have conversations through any device you choose.


How to Generate Leads with WhatsApp?

Many businesses today use WhatsApp as their primary customer communication channel. Studies point out that most customers are happy to contact companies to purchase products using WhatsApp.

So, if you also want to reap the benefits of WhatsApp Business to generate leads, this is what you need to do:  

Click to Chat Feature

You can make it easy for people to chat with you on WhatsApp by adding a “click-to-chat” button on your website. WhatsApp’s website has links that you can use through APIs to add a click-to-chat feature wherever you want on your website. 

Simply add your phone number after your country code on, for example, your country code is 91 and phone number is 123456789, you can add a link

Integrate Chat Widgets

It is also possible to incorporate WhatsApp chat widgets into specific areas of your website. When you add the chat feature to your website, you provide customers with support for any questions they may have. During the chat, you get the customer’s phone number, which you can use for further communication, such as sharing product information.

Use Chatbots

Using chatbots can ensure that your customers receive information without disruption and seem natural.

Landing Page Link

Include your landing page link in your WhatsApp promotional message. Clicking on this link will direct the user to your landing page, where they will be able to learn more about your product or service. 


Wrapping up

The features and benefits of WhatsApp Business should undoubtedly convince small and medium businesses to include it in their sales and marketing efforts. 

Businesses should also implement certain tools to ensure smooth customer engagement, as saving customer details one at a time will only waste time. As such, WhatsApp integration is something that needs to be seriously considered, and if you’ve been looking for platforms that offer this integration, you might want to check out: NeoDove