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Why Calling On Client’s Lead Is Important For Digital Marketing Agency?

Published on March 3, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022

As a digital marketing agency reaching out to new prospects is crucial to bring in new business. And for that, you have got your quarter strategy set, with some intensive inbound marketing tactics, across various channels and platforms. Some social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and search engine optimization!

Great, but what next and for how long will you have a good sum of budget to consume for inbound marketing?

And another question!

How likely is it that the niche A-listers that you always wanted to work for will easily reach out for you because your search engine optimization techniques are perfect which landed your agency’s website on the first page of google search results?

Or because of your social media posts or because of your display ads?

The chances are very slim! 

Because in 2020, hundreds if not thousands of other agencies are trying to reach them out as well with the same kind of digital solutions. What makes you different from others is apart from the core digital techniques you are also using personalization as your differentiating factor.What you have to do is as simple as this:

  1.   Make a list of companies that you wish to work for; categorise and then subcategories the list, based on the size of the company, based on the efforts you are willing to make to get them onboard as clients and based on the objective of your business.
  2.   Proactively go after them through outbound calling with a simple and clear message. Introduce yourself, quickly express what your agency can offer as a solution to any problem they might be facing and just paint a picture with words.
  3.   Eventually, close the call and book a meeting. Later on, you can pitch them with a well-researched, insightful, and creative proposal.

 As a digital marketing agency outbound calling should be an important aspect of your marketing strategy. There is a huge number of prospects out there who are ready to buy a service but they are waiting to be approached by the right agency because let’s face it, with the sudden increase in the number of service providers one might be in a complete oblivion state regarding whom to approach for service and who will be able to accommodate their business need.Personalized communication which shows up for customized solution according to a company’s needs is what everyone is looking up for!

 So using outbound calling marketing tactics will help to increase your brand awareness and help you reach out to the right audience. It is more personalized, strategic and efficient because you are delivering the right message to the right person, and it is cost-effective.

 Now that you have a number of prospects whether the companies your agency is trying to approach or the prospects flowing in through the inbound marketing campaigns you have initially launched, it’s time to manage, monitor and follow up with these leads. One smart way to do it is through a leads management software: like NeoDove. Through the platform you can easily categorize the prospects you are trying to reach based on who is yet to be approached, who you should be following up with, and who is a dead-end and so on.

 Keeping track of the day to day operations of an agency can be time-consuming and frantic because you are not only following up with one department, one client, one campaign or even one lead but rather many. You have the business development team to follow up with, you have the account managers, account planners, content creators, designers, and the technical team. Then you have to keep track of the campaigns’ performance, etc. But with NeoDove and its Facebook Ads Manager and Google Spreadsheets integration, you can effortlessly track the agency’s both inbound and outbound calling campaigns, your day to day operations and even your business development efforts.

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