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Whatsapp Sales Message – The Key to Effective Sales

Published on February 17, 2022
Last modified on June 9, 2022
Whatsapp Sales Message

Ever felt that you have too much on your plate? Always dashing from one place to another to finish your day’s work. 

People often have too many things scheduled in their everyday life. Why bother spending time to look up your new product or service, when they could just stick with what they know?

Here’s where WhatsApp can help you. 

In this article, you will learn more about WhatsApp Business, how to use WhatsApp for sales, sales messages and so much more. 


But first,

How can WhatsApp Business be used for sales?

With its easy-to-use interface and people-friendly chat options, WhatsApp has become the ideal channel for staying in touch with people, as well as, answering questions over a long period of time. 

If used correctly, WhatsApp Business can prove to be quite an effective tool in engaging current as well as prospective customers. Here are some of the ways it can be used to boost sales:

Product visibility

The catalog feature, in WhatsApp Business, acts as a mobile storefront. This allows businesses to showcase their products while saving them the hassle of repeatedly sending product photos or information.

For each item in a catalog, a business is capable of adding information including its price, description, images, product name, etc. This allows customers to go through a company’s range of products at their convenience.

Promotions and offers

Through WhatsApp, you can directly send your customers informational or even promotional content by using the ‘Broadcast Message’ feature, all while maintaining their privacy.

Furthermore, since you will need your customers’ consent to send them said messages, you can be certain you will only target interested leads.

In addition to this, you can also use the ‘Status’ feature to share information about flash sales and limited time offers.

Order and delivery updates

Email confirmations and order updates sometimes get lost in the hundreds of emails customers receive each day. There’s even a chance that they may directly land in the customer’s spam folder.

In contrast, high open rates on WhatsApp guarantee that your customers won’t miss out on any important order confirmations as well as status updates.

Post-sales support

It is important to remember that customer relationships do not cease to exist once your customer has made their purchase. There are often instances where people may end up buying something that they don’t need or do not know how to use.

On these occasions, customers will not hesitate to leave your brand if you make them work too hard to get a refund or assistance.

As such, WhatsApp acts as a low-effort method of providing post-sales support to all your customers without them having to endure long wait times. Also, refund requests can be processed much faster without back-and-forth emails.

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What is a WhatsApp sales message? And how do they work?

Often the hardest part of any conversation is actually starting it. Your opening line itself decides the direction of your conversation before you can even get to the core of it.

In the past, approaching customers via promotional messages was not allowed on WhatsApp. However, now that WhatsApp has launched Broadcast Messages, it is much easier.

Moreover, this feature also opens up a lot of new opportunities for your sales and marketing teams. When a broadcast message is used by a business to promote a brand, product or service, it is called a sales message.

Broadcast message while allowing businesses to use WhatsApp for sales, does have a limitation in place to prevent spamming people. If you want to learn how to send a broadcast message, click here.

You can only send the broadcast message to people who already have you in their phones as a contact. Additionally, the maximum number of people that can be added to your ‘broadcast list’ is 256 contacts.

When you send your broadcast message, the recipient will automatically receive it as a private message. As such, your sales message automatically turns into a conversation, as long as the receiver chooses to interact, of course.

In addition to this, the receiver will not be aware that your message was a broadcast message, it will appear as a regular message to them. This in turn gives you the perfect opportunity to make a simple sales message that helps to start a conversation.


What makes a good WhatsApp sales message?

With the Broadcast Message feature, it has become quite easy and effective to use WhatsApp for sales processes. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t go about this the same way you would a regular ‘sales message’. 

On that note, here are some points to keep in mind when creating your WhatsApp sales message:

Keep the message conversational

Remember to always make the message come across like a conversation starter, not an ad.

It’s quite simple, really. Just try to compose a message that is informal as well as conversational.


The timing of your message is quite crucial in the world of business. Hence, you need to know the right time to message your potential customers in order to get the response you need.

Keep it concise

Think about it, when was the last time you actually read a message that was so long, you had to scroll down to see the complete message? Probably not for a long time, right?

WhatsApp conversations are meant to be brief and fast-paced. Thus, as a business, you’ll have to keep your messages short, direct and to the point to fit in.

Clarity of message

When constructing your offer/writing your copy, try to maintain clarity within your message. Oftentimes, heavy grammar and too much industry jargon will only annoy your customers, avoid that. Remember to keep it short, clear and simple. 


Just as the clarity of your message matters, so does persuasiveness. Try to subtly highlight the benefits of your products or services, so that customers will be more inclined to buy. Do remember to persuade, and not hype.


Conversion refers to when a customer carries out the desired action. Basically, it is when the customer’s interest in your brand results in a purchase, event registration, email signup, and so on.

Always remember that your end goal is to turn maximum messages into conversions.

Another additional tip to remember is that it is always much easier to sell to existing customers rather than new ones. If you want to increase sales, don’t forget to continuously look for new ways to present offers to your current customers.


Some examples of WhatsApp sales messages:

Example 1 – Promotional Message

“Hi there! This week, we currently have a 30% discount on all of our products. Please let me know if you would like to come to our store, so I may book an appointment for you accordingly!” 

Example 2 – Offering Assistance/Customer Support

“Hi! My name is Samantha and I am contacting you in response to your message sent through our website. How may I help you?”

Example 3 – Exclusive Offer

“Hello! Tomorrow, we are finally launching [Product X]. We will only have limited supplies, so do let me know if I can reserve one for you by replying to this message. Later today, we will also be posting this on our Instagram, but we wanted to let you know first!”

Example 4 – Status Updates

“Hello there! I hope you’re doing well. I’m reaching out, as I saw that your subscription is almost ending. Please let me know if you’d like to extend it, and I’ll take care of it for you accordingly. Best Regards, [Agent Name].”


The Benefits of using WhatsApp for sales

Low Barriers of communication

WhatsApp, alongside WhatsApp Business, allows you to communicate with customers on a channel they’re familiar with. 

Moreover, most people tend to check their messages several times a day, making WhatsApp the easiest and most convenient way to get in touch with businesses. Additionally, using WhatsApp eliminates customers from having to constantly check their email for updates about their query/issue.

Widespread reach globally

According to research, WhatsApp is the top messenger app in 128 countries. As such, it allows your company to cast your net farther than most other channels.


Perhaps one of the most frustrating customer experiences is being kept waiting or receiving delayed responses. 

In contrast, WhatsApp messages are much shorter and direct as compared to email. This means that you can react and respond faster to your customers’ problems and concerns. Thus, reducing wait time, which in turn reduces customer frustration.

Perception of your brand

There is a certain level of intimacy about making it into your customer’s phone contacts. It almost gives your brand a more approachable persona. 

Furthermore, it conveys to customers that you’re on their level and gives off a much more relaxed vibe than phone or email.


In current times, concerns surrounding data privacy are on the rise. With the use of its end-to-end encryption, paired with its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users, WhatsApp is a safe choice for customer communication. 

Not only does it allow customers to effortlessly get in touch with businesses, but also ensures a spam-free experience.

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WhatsApp is a very personal and trusted platform that people use to connect and communicate with friends, family, colleagues, etc. but it is capable of doing so much more. 

As you saw above, WhatsApp if used correctly can also be a powerful tool for enhancing sales for your business. 

With all the new insights you’ve gained about WhatsApp Business, you too can use WhatsApp for sales and run your business more efficiently.

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