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6 Amazing Benefits of Using WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender You Should Know

Published on February 12, 2022
Last modified on July 13, 2023
6 Amazing Benefits of Using WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender You Should Know - NeoDove

Did you know that currently 1 billion people across the globe use WhatsApp every day? Over 100 billion messages are sent on the platform daily.

These numbers show the true power of bulk WhatsApp messages. As a brand-owner, you must practice sending bulk WhatsApp messages. It will allow you to reach out to hundreds of customers in seconds with a single click.

In addition to connecting instantly, you can promote your business and its services to a wider audience simultaneously. WhatsApp bulk messages can help you accomplish all of this and so much more.

In this article, you will learn what bulk WhatsApp messages are, how to create WhatsApp bulk messages and the many ways sending bulk WhatsApp messages can benefit your business.

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

What are WhatsApp bulk messages - NeoDove

The definition of bulk WhatsApp messages is quite simple. They are messages sent over WhatsApp to a large number of customers or clients at the same time. 

WhatsApp bulk messages are an easy yet effective method used by businesses to get in touch with leads. In addition to this, they are also helpful in building customer loyalty. WhatsApp marketing is essential for a brand to grow.

These bulk WhatsApp messages can include videos, images, audio, etc. All these features of bulk WhatsApp messages enable businesses to clearly present themselves to their target audience. Moreover, these bulk WhatsApp messages also allow your business to effectively communicate your brand message with a vast audience.

How to create Bulk WhatsApp messages?

Bulk WhatsApp messages are quite easy to create and send. In fact, you can create bulk WhatsApp messages, also known as a ‘broadcast’ on WhatsApp itself. 

How to create Bulk WhatsApp messages - NeoDove

To send bulk WhatsApp messages like these you do not need to use any external provider, via the API. 

To create a bulk WhatsApp message, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Open the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business application.

Step 2 – Go to the Chat Screen. Click on the menu button and click on New Broadcast.

Step 3 – Then, write the names of all the contacts you wish to send the message to or press the “+” button to directly select them from your contact list.

Step 4 – Then, press OK.

Step 5 – Finally, click on Create.

And, you’re done! 

All the selected recipients of the bulk WhatsApp messages will be grouped into a list. Next, you will have to write the message you want to send. These bulk WhatsApp messages will be sent to everyone in seconds. Do remember that if a recipient replies, only you can see their message.

What is a WhatsApp bulk message sender?

WhatsApp bulk message sender refers to a software package that can be purchased by businesses and used on WhatsApp Business. It enables you to send messages to large groups of customers in bulk, all in one go. 

If you want to send bulk WhatsApp messages using such software you will get a lot of services. These include unlimited messaging, using multimedia messages, scheduling campaigns, the removal of duplicate messages, filtering numbers, etc. 

Businesses can purchase the package they like based on the volume of bulk WhatsApp messages they intend to send. 

In some cases, companies offer packages with a set validity period, while others offer packages that are valid for an unlimited time period.

You can pick and choose the right package for your business based on the requirements of your enterprise. You must also consider the reason for choosing software to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

The Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender

The Benefits Of Using Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender - NeoDove

1) Sending notifications

Notifications will be sent in real-time regarding order bookings, shipping, confirmations, cancellations, delivery rejections, etc. Moreover, you can alert users about payment due dates as well as service schedules via reminders.

On this platform, notification messages are referred to as informational messages. This is because they provide users with information about their orders.

2) Helpful in product discovery

As it sends related information about products and services customers show interest in, it is highly useful in helping customers find the right product. Furthermore, the inclusion of text, audio, video files, documents, etc. help potential customers get a clear idea about the product.

This software allows your business to include links to the purchasing website. In addition to this, it even allows customers to place orders for your products via the chatbox. 

This helps increase sales by turning more conversations into actual transactions.

It also helps bring about an increase in customer retention. As a result of the now easy purchasing process, customers will be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

3) Assists in customer support

Through the use of chatbots, your customers can receive round-the-clock support. In a similar way, these chatbots can also send welcome messages, provide answers to general questions, and FAQs, via automated replies.

This allows the support staff to respond to customer issues more effectively by resolving issues more quickly. With the use of bots, the issue can be worked on and a live update-based conversation can be maintained until the issue is closed.

Your customer will then receive a final message indicating that their complaint has been resolved.

It is important to note, WhatsApp provides two-way communication always. With this, you and your customers can communicate effectively with one another.

4) Affordable as well as efficient

The software packages for bulk WhatsApp messages are affordable. They also act as efficient methods for the planning and integrating of marketing tools with WhatsApp.

In this digital era, more and more customers prefer communication via WhatsApp over voice calls/emails. So, this package allows for easy interaction. Thus, opting for WhatsApp API integration could prove very beneficial for your business.

5) Instant message delivery

The companies providing this software not only ensure system redundancy, but also provide 99.9% uptime.

The cloud platform is quite reliable and traffic of bulk WhatsApp messages is constantly monitored. Moreover, the distribution of messages is balanced based on geography to prevent any errors in delivery.

Subsequently, the delivery reports are then updated on the dashboard alongside a record of sent and received messages.

6) 24/7 tech support is available

These companies simultaneously monitor the platform’s performance and are available to help businesses at any time.

It is important to note that data encryption, role-based access control, and the security of data are all provided. All of these are in accordance with standard company rules and regulations.

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As you can see, WhatsApp bulk messages are a very effective business tool. With their help, your business can connect and communicate with unlimited prospective customers, fetch group contacts, filter those contacts, and much more.

Moreover, there are so many benefits to using a bulk message sender for such messaging. 

The software provides consistent and 24/7 customer service, sends multimedia text and attachments while also managing millions of accounts for different tasks. 

So with this, you can save a lot of time and manage contact with customers a lot more efficiently!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can send bulk WhatsApp messages for free. You just have to download a bulk WhatsApp message sender application on your Android or iOS phone and send messages.

You can send bulk WhatsApp messages to people without saving their contacts by using the WhatsApp API or WhatsApp API which Facebook Meta launched in 2018. All you have to do is follow these first few steps before you send bulk WhatsApp messages.

1) Open your browser on your smartphone or computer and enter this link in the URL bar: ‘https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=xxxxxxxxxxxx’ 

2) Before copying this link, replace all the “Xs” with the number you want to send the message to.

3) Also, add the receiver’s country code before the number. For instance, if the country is the USA, you should type “1” followed by the number.

Then you can send messages from WhatsApp web or the app.

The limit of bulk WhatsApp messages is that you can only send a bulk message to a maximum number of 256 contacts at one time.

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