We are back again with our monthly product updates! This month our product developers have really worked hard to bring some awesome features and updates that make NeoDove more effective for businesses and we’re very delighted to present it in front of you. 

You may have noticed that we haven’t released new products lately. No, we haven’t taken a month-long vacation. We have been quite busy this year doing updates to our existing products and useful integrations among them

These new features that I am talking about are meant to make your life easier and less strenuous when it comes to making business decisions.

Here is a quick glimpse of them:

1.Categorisation of Campaigns

Now the campaigns have been categorized under various headings based on the type of calling that is being done. For example- sales, service, feedback, reminders, and rest have been clubbed under the heading” Others”. The Leads will be added to different types of campaigns.

Types of campaigns:

    1. Sales campaignA campaign that is created with the purpose to increase your sales (Use Case- Other than normal sales, it could be used for upselling and cross-selling as well)
    2. Service campaignA campaign that is created to increase product services (Use Case- Calling for Automobile Service Reminders)
    3. Feedback campaignA campaign that is created to take feedback on your product services
    4. Reminder campaign- A campaign that is created to remind customers for payments or renewals (Use Case- Calling for EMI Reminders, Insurance Renewal Reminders etc.)
    5. Other campaigns –  Leads which do not fall in any of the above categories fall here

neodove dashboard

2.View Campaign of users-

Now you can view all the campaigns that the user is assigned to. Get details of all leads assigned, called, and pending.

campaign of Users

3.Search Lead Feature

Now you need not go to the campaign to search for any lead. With the new lead feature, if you know the customer name or mobile number, you can search for the lead and get all details.

Search Leads

Click on Edit to get all details

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We have come up with a Marketplace for all your business needs. Now you can purchase bulk SMS, WhatsApp, or cloud telephony solutions for all your marketing and incoming and outbound calling needs.

That’s all from NeoDove. Stay Tuned. We will soon come out with our next set of features. Meanwhile, if you want to see what were the features that we had between March 2020 till now, click here