What is sales automation? How can small & medium businesses leverage it?

What is sales automation? How can small & medium businesses leverage it?
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It does not matter how experienced or talented a sales manager is; executing multiple tasks becomes impossible without making any mistakes. Managing customers, generating leads, creating sales records, identifying the reasons behind the fall in sales, creating sales reports, etc., are among those tasks that a sales manager has to perform. 


The Sales department performs different functions to keep business running. While some of these tasks are not very important, most of them are mandatory. The frequency of these tasks depends on their nature and scope of work. However, how minor or significant these tasks are, all of them must be completed within a stipulated period. 


All these tasks are done to achieve a common goal, i.e., increase sales. For this purpose, companies appoint sales managers who have to perform different tasks to boost their respective organization’s sales. The common hurdle faced by them is the redundancy of tasks.


It is rightly said, “To Err is Human.” No matter what, humans will make errors. This is one of the reasons why automation has come as a boon for businesses. By automating business processes, the chances of mistakes made in repetitive tasks are curbed, also the team can focus on performing tasks that require greater attention.


Sales Automation – A Boon for Businesses


Sales automation is indeed an advantage, not just for the sales department, but for the entire company. Automation software can run tasks on its own and does not require any technician to operate it. Especially for small and medium businesses, automation is of great help. Companies have to focus on several things, including:


  • Increasing their sales
  • Pricing strategy
  • Increasing market share
  • Converting Leads into Sales


Sales automation is a concept that has revolutionized the way companies earlier managed their sales records. It is an advanced process that takes all the time-consuming and recurring tasks and runs them. It does not matter what the task’s frequency is; Sales automation is designed to focus on more sales-oriented tasks than concentrating on other time-consuming activities. 


It can greatly improve the performance of the sales department of a company. Right from keeping a note of the number of sales to taking feedback or communicating with the potential customers, automation software does everything on the company’s behalf, which otherwise requires often long, dedicated manual hours.


What can be automated?


Here’s a list of activities that can be automated through automation software:


Leads Generation

You may have a massive list of people that might buy your products or services; however, not all of them are your potential buyers. Most of the small and medium businesses find it challenging to filter out the leads. Sales automation software can easily filter the leads based on their interests and all those factors that affect your business’s sales. 


Prioritizing the leads


Sales automation prioritizes your leads according to their interests and how much they can fit in your target audience. Sales automation can analyze your leads data of the leaders that have more chances of converting into sales than others. This way, you can focus more on them by establishing a healthy relationship.




Sales automation software gives you regular sales alerts whenever a lead performs some action in any form. It could be either by way of spending time on the checkout page or searching for a product your company manufactures. This way, you could schedule accordingly and notify the leads either by email or text after a few intervals. 


Create A Sales Report


This is perhaps one of the best functions of sales automation. It allows managers and the team to create a sales report of thousands of leads or customers with just a click. This enables them to create a report of how many calls were made, how many messages were sent, and how many sales were made, how many calls were unresponsive, etc.


Benefits of Sales Automation

Now that you have understood what is sales automation, mentioned below are the benefits that aid small and medium businesses to keep an accurate sales record.


Identifying Potential Customers

By creating a report of leads and prioritizing them based on their interests, Sales Automation helps businesses to identify their potential customers and create a fruitful relationship with them for the long run.


Understanding Customers

This engine gives an insight into the likes, dislikes, and search interests of the customers. It, thus, helps businesses to focus more on them by catering to the demands and needs of their customers. 


Taking Feedback From Customers

Sales automation further helps businesses by taking feedback from their customers automatically after a telecall. It helps the sales department understand what a customer wants and what the company should provide. Then, the sales manager can work on different strategies to fill the gap.                                                                                                                                       


A Simplified Reporting Process

This engine gives the sales managers an easy way to create an accurate report of the sales and related details during a particular period. It helps them to keep track of falls or rises in sales.


How Small and Medium Businesses can leverage Sales Automation


NeoDove is one such sales automation software that helps sales managers with feedback forms, streamlining the reporting process, generating data on calls, and much more. NeoDove has helped many SMBs and their sales departments with its state-of-the-art features like automation, real-time tracking, automated messaging, integrations with marketing tools like FB ads, and many more. 


This platform helps you seamlessly automate the tasks that once consumed a heavy amount of time. Here’s a snippet of what’s included:

  • Integrations with marketing tools like Facebook ads, JustDial, etc. 
  • WhatsApp, SMS & Email integrations for better outreach
  • Real-time tracking of team’s performance
  • Reassigning tasks in no time,

And a whole lot more!


These automation features coupled with many other features like script builder, data analytics, monitoring team productivity makes Neodove, a one-stop digital communication solution. 


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