The conventional communication system for businesses of all scales and sizes can be complicated, keeping track of and monitoring communication with customers and prospects whether, for sales, service providing or even just for feedback can drag you into a complex loop that is difficult to manage.

But now, without any further delay, we are gladly presenting to you our bespoke solution to this complex problem, NeoDove! NeoDove call management software  is the key to radically change the process of interaction with the customer for businesses of all scales and sizes. 

NeoDove call management software is an end-to-end tech-enabled business communication and reporting mobile-based application. It provides uniform interaction among all the divisions, processes and parts of an organisation. Employees of any organization can easily monitor, manage, analyse and effectively organize outbound communication in real-time. And with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the system, NeoDove records and analyses the calls to eliminate any mistakes or mismatches. 

With NeoDove’s lead closure management system, no lead will ever go wasted or without any proper consideration. And now you can get more clarity and control on the customer’s decision-making journey and you can even easily reach out to prospects through mobile phone, SMS, email or WhatsApp messages and keep them updated about your products or services.

NeoDove call management software serves customers from various industries like automobiles, real estate, finance and it can also be easily customized for any distinctive industry. NeoDove has gladly served dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group among others.

Request a demo now and enter the new world of transparent communication!