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What are the types of lead generation and approaches?

Published on December 4, 2021
Last modified on May 17, 2022
What are the types of lead generation and approaches?

We have stressed again and again the importance of lead generation and why a business needs to grow. Lead generation is a natural process for a business as it needs to acquire new customers and branch out into different markets with a versatile project range.  We have also explained the types of lead generation.

Yet, several businesses and brands undermine the relevance and importance of lead generation. Some professionals still hold mistaken beliefs that the only way to generate new clients is through referrals and word of mouth. 


Types of Lead Generation

They believe marketing is a natural process and takes place even when you do not have a strategy in place. But that is not the truth. If we want to depend your business on your luck and word of mouth from your customers, then you are truly taking a risk. 

There exist several types of lead generation methods that you can choose from. For this, you need to consider the type of business you have, the brand you have created, the nature of your target audience and your product type. Here are enlisted some of the different types of lead generation and why you should choose them. 


1. SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is one of the main lead generation techniques used by tech-friendly brands that have built a dependable community on the internet. 

Consider the following scenario to understand better;

Think from the point of view of a customer who has found a new brand selling a high-quality product at a lower rate and are immediately interested in it. But they are unaware of the product’s features and do not know whether they should trust the brand or not. 

If they are a computer literate person, their first step would be to run a quick google search about the product. They will put in their specific questions and look for the article that has the answers. 

This is where SEO comes into play. It gives you the tool to match the client’s search phrase and appear in the top search results so that your webpage or blog can be accessed better. If you play your cards right with your content and answer the users’ questions, you will be able to convert a lead into a loyal customer. 


2. Website landing page

Websites are comparable to the face of a brand. Every professional and trusted brand has a website of its own. It is another lead generation approach. But to ensure that your website is lead friendly, you will have to make it more engaging and interesting for laymen. 

This is relevant especially for brands who sell a technical product or something not commonly used by laymen. The website is filled with industry-specific jargon, which is difficult to understand by a lead. There needs to be a balance between the information put on the website and engaging content. The information can be broken down into easier words and explained with infographics to make it more engaging and easier to understand.

Put up content on your landing page that is lead centric and offers reasons why a client should associate with your brand. Offer downloadable information that discusses the products in great detail and can be easily shared in their group. 


3. Pay per click advertising

Another lead generation approach that goes hand in hand with your website is pay per click advertising. It is a great way to get prospective clients on your radar and up your way on the search result list. 

Pay-per-click ads are posted on different web pages, platforms, apps, and social media. They drive the users to your webpage, app or product pages. This way, your products pop up on their phones or computers, and they are prompted to check what you offer quickly. 

PPC leads are often believed to offer better results than other lead genera techniques. This is because the ads are shown to users who have recently looked for a similar product. As a result, there are higher chances that they can be turned into a potential client if your brand has the right range of solutions. 


4. Webinars

A webinar is the virtual version of a seminar. Webinars could be compared to an education event where the brand representatives discuss better ways to use the product, its different features, case studies and successful results that the users have achieved. 

The access to attend a lead generating webinar is often given free of charge. To incentivise the whole process, the attendees are also given discount coupons or other similar offers. 

The aim is to give detailed information to the attendees. If there is a sales pitch somewhere, then it has to be well veiled and truly offer something worthwhile to the attendees. The key is to discuss something valuable and ideal for your target customer group. 


5. Online marketing videos

Today videos are the best form of marketing content. It is trusted, engaging and holds the interest of the viewers longer. It is an ideal marketing tool that professional brands use. Videos displaying the product at work are considered more credible than written words or word of mouth. Plus, with the inception of YouTube, Instagram and other video streaming apps, the relevance of short videos have skyrocketed. 

Making professional-quality videos includes heavy investment, and you have to accept help from a professional firm. Make sure you provide detailed instructions about your brands, the values and themes you want to be showcased in the video and your target audience. 



The different types of lead generation approaches were all rooted in online marketing. Online approaches and techniques have become the cornerstone of every effective and overachieving marketing strategy. Such is the power of an online marketing strategy as opposed to other forms. We recommend you consider the benefits and effectiveness of the above-mentioned lead generation approach options. Apply them to your marketing plan and share your success story with us.

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