Different types of



Voice bots


Voice bots are text-to-speech and voice-to-text communication channels that are powered by NLP and AI. These bots understand the entire speech made by your customers and process responses in a human way.

Hybrid chatbots


When you connect a live chat option to a chatbot, you get a hybrid chatbot. It is the best of both worlds. If a customer asks a question that is too complex for the chatbot, it‘s transferred to a live agent.

 Social media chatbots


These are generally incorporated into your company’s social media handles.With social media interfaces ever-changing, chatbots on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc ensure a smooth customer experience.

Menu-based chatbots


One of the most rudimentary chatbots, menu-based chatbots are based on menu-driven navigation. These chatbots follow a specific decision tree. This decision tree is displayed to your customers through clickable buttons.

Keyword-based chatbots


These chatbots work better than menu-based chatbots as they listen to what your users enter and answer accordingly. They detect action triggers in a conversation by using customizable keywords and NLP.

Rules-based chatbots


Here, they’re preprogrammed to follow an algorithm according to a customer’s query. These algorithms can be complex or simple based on the services/ products as well as the platform you use.

AI-powered contextual chatbots


As the name suggests, these bots can pick up the context of a conversation. Consequently, they determine the meaning of a user’s input. As such, these bots ensure that your users can have a consistent experience.

Support Chatbots


These are built specifically to provide post-purchase services and support to your customers.