Top 10 WhatsApp Message Templates for Automation

Account Update


These are automated messages on WhatsApp that you can send when any new customer creates a new account.

Issue Resolution


Even when brands try to give their best in terms of customer support, sometimes malfunctions happen.

Alert Update


These updates are sent as general automated messages on WhatsApp. You can automate WhatsApp messages to give alerts about events, webinars, workshops, website updates etc.

Ticket Update


When a customer raises a complaint, a ticket gets raised for it. You can help customers keep track of these tickets using automated messages on WhatsApp.

Shipping Update


This is one of the quintessential type automated messages on WhatsApp that you have to send to your customers as a brand. This message is to inform your customers about the time when they can expect their order.

Appointment Update


Appointment updates are important automated messages on WhatsApp that you will need to send customers. They’re sent when you are giving them reminders about their appointments.

Payment Update


These fall under the category of transactional automated messages on WhatsApp. This is quite a straightforward message and you need to have a template to automate WhatsApp messages like this.