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7 Ways to Improve Sales During the Pandemic

Published on March 30, 2020
Last modified on May 17, 2022

We are past the time when it seemed as though the changes brought by the pandemic were only temporary. Coronavirus has shaken the business world utterly and those processes that involve direct team and customer interaction have been the most severely affected.

Sales during pandemic decreased dramatically for thousands of companies across a variety of industries. Today, however, most companies have embraced the new normal and have reframed their strategies to remain competitive. 

The need to improve sales numbers never ceases and in this article, we will discuss how to increase sales during such challenging times. 


How to Increase Sales During the Pandemic

Businesses that rely on direct sales to drive revenue must restructure their sales strategies to meet the needs of today’s world.

In the midst of the pandemic – and beyond – here are 7 ways to effectively increase your sales.

sales during pandemic


1. Evaluate your business

When the pandemic hit, we certainly were in a situation where we were confused between what to do and what not to. Throughout the pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses have faced a number of challenges, and sales teams have had to come up with different strategies to handle them. 

During times like these, companies need to take a step back and reevaluate their offerings and determine whether their products are relevant to the market. Departments should collaborate to rethink their strategies and feasibility. 

As well, before the pandemic hit, a majority didn’t see work from home as reliable, but after the pandemic, people stayed at home and worked, which proved their viewpoints were incorrect. Sales during pandemic drastically changed. For instance, inside sales, today is a dominating sales strategy for businesses that once relied on on-field sales.


2. Emphasise creating value

It is important to maintain a positive attitude in spite of all of the negative news out there. It is important that you do your homework and then offer your prospects actionable insights, new ideas, and strategies, and most importantly, how similar businesses have handled current challenges by using your product. This is how you add value.


3. Keep the engagement going

Make sure you stay in touch with your existing customers, show them that you care about them, and serve them better and faster. Communicate proactively and help them identify solutions to potential threats. Monitor their usage and listen to their feedback. Maybe even offer discounts, considering the changes in the market.

sales during pandemic

4. Be observant

We have to be very thoughtful regarding the situation around us, businesses are losing money and people are losing their jobs. However, crises create needs and to improve sales in such a situation, you must pay attention to what people have to say and what their needs are, and incorporate it into your product or service.


5. Rethink your marketing strategy

Utilize the online world wisely because it provides numerous opportunities for different types of businesses. Boost your digital presence and maintain exposure through content and video marketing. Post engaging content to keep in touch with your customers. Produce engaging and informative videos about your product. 


6. Revamp your sales experience

Make customer experience your number one priority during such times. To improve customer experience, you need to first work on upskilling your team. Work on improving your skills and train yourself to handle objections in the most efficient way.

Do a fair amount more than what is required because whatever the situation may be today, it may be better or worse tomorrow. Therefore, it’s best to be well prepared and ready for anything that may arise.  


7. Leverage the right tools

Use the right technology like a telecalling or contact center solution that can help you be more productive, organized and provides you with real-time insights. Choose a tool that facilitates transparent communication and provides full control over the sales management process to ultimately improve sales. 


Final Thoughts

What differentiates your brand from others is the way in which you respond to everything during such tense times. Regardless of what happens, you must not panic and must not stop selling. Such actions help you gain loyalty and improve the image of your brand. Most importantly, it is simply the right thing to do.

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