NeoDove is a powerful telecalling CRM designed to help you boost your sales.

With NeoDove, you can manage all your leads on a single platform, assign them to users, and monitor the progress of your telecalling team.

Now enable them to make more calls, send WhatsApp, email or SMS instantly after every call, follow-up on time, re-assign tasks to teammates and work uninterrupted from anywhere.

Create personalised campaigns, customise call scripts and messages, get real-time updates on campaigns and take actions based on detailed insights!

With NeoDove, consolidate all your leads in one place by integrating with your website and platforms like Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, Just Dial and many more!

That’s not all, NeoDove offers advanced services like IVR, SMS automation, bulk SMS and cloud telephony through its Marketplace, putting everything at your fingertips.

Level up your team’s productivity and sales. Choose smart telecalling. Choose NeoDove.