To be successful at increasing student enrollment, your admissions team should promptly respond to student inquiries and assist them in the right direction. And to get the job done right, the right solution is essential.

And NeoDove Telecalling CRM fits the bill! NeoDove brings you no-fuss integrations with various tools and platforms like your website, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and so on!

With these integrations, consolidate all your leads in one place and distribute them among your executives right away, either equally or based on certain conditions, such as state, city, etc.

Once the leads are allocated, your telecallers can begin contacting them through the NeoDove mobile app. Ensure that they miss no detail during a call. Through customizable scripts, incorporate every important question that needs to be asked.

Personalize engagement with customizable templates and enhance communication by sending WhatsApp, SMS and email with just a single click, and save a great deal of time!

Automate various manual tasks for your executives and monitor their activities, including the total number of calls made, the average call duration, total number of calls connected, and so on.

With NeoDove, help your team interact more effectively, provide a better prospect experience, and close more sales, from both the office and remotely.