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Top 7 Sales Email Templates You Need To Boost Your Business

Published on February 10, 2023
Last modified on February 15, 2023
Top 7 Sales Email Templates You Need To Boost Your Business - NeoDove

Were you aware that emails are 40 times more effective at getting customers when compared to social media?

It is a fact that your B2B buyers get several sales emails each and every day. So, how do you make your sales emails stand out from your competitors’?

More importantly, how do you ensure that your sales emails get acted upon?

In reality, the answer is quite simple yet very effective – email templates. Effective sales email templates are exactly what you need to not only boost your sales but also drive more conversions.

In this article, we will examine some must-know sales email practices and 20 of the best sales email templates.


Top 5 Sales Email Practices You Should Know

A well-written sales email can be the key to maximizing your conversions. Sales emails provide the perfect opportunity to get your business noticed by potential customers. 

However, in order to apply an effective sales email strategy, you must know the following best sales email practices:

1) Perfect your subject line

It’s important to know that your subject line is the most important part of your sales email. As it’s the first thing your prospect’s see, it directly affects whether they open and read your email.

Pro Tip: You can always use emojis to capture your reader’s attention visually.

2) Provide value in your email

Say you’re successful and your prospect opens your sales email, what are they going to see? You need to immediately capture your prospect’s interest to keep them engaged and reading.

3) Personalize each of your emails

Sales Email Practices You Should Know - NeoDove

It’s always a good idea to personalize your sales emails to connect with prospects. You can do this by referencing their current identity or past activities. 

4) Use a CTA to encourage action

Your call-to-action phrases are defined as the place where your prospects make a decision in your sales email. You should try to use strong or action-based words to ensure you get a response.

For example, common CTA phrases are ‘Buy Now’, ‘Click to download’, ‘Click here’, ‘Subscribe today’, ‘Get Started’, etc.

5) Add more value with your follow-up emails

At times, your first sales email may not get a reply. Don’t get discouraged. In fact, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the first meeting.

So, follow-ups are a great way to re-capture your prospect’s attention. Try to send a follow-up sales email to get your prospect’s attention and elevate it with valuable content/ resources.

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7 Effective Sales Email Templates To Boost Your Business

Sales emails can be a great way for you to boost your revenue and connect with your target audience. Here are 7 effective sales email templates you can use to drive more conversions:

Effective Sales Email Templates - NeoDove

1) The Introductory Sales Email Template

This sales email comes in handy when your prospect hasn’t heard about you before. In fact, it gives them a reason to talk to you.


Hello [Prospect’s Name],

I came across your website and noticed that you’re currently trying to achieve [X-specific goal]. I don’t want to presume things but, I do believe [Y] may play an important role in your success.

If you’re not familiar with [Your company name], our platform helps businesses in [Prospect’s organization’s] space with achieving 3 goals:

[Goal 1]

[Goal 2]

[Goal 3]

Are you available to schedule a call within the next three days to further discuss [Prospect’s company]’s strategy for [specific organization area]? 

Please feel free to book a time on my calendar here: [Link].

Looking forward to speaking with you then. 


[Your Name]


2) The Prospecting Sales Email Template

A prospecting email, or cold sales email, is sent to your prospects that you haven’t interacted before. Through this email template for sales, you can connect with multiple prospects efficiently. 


Hi [Prospect’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your company name]. Actually, I just wanted to reach out because [give reason you have their contact info: mutual connection, saw profile online, etc.].

[Your company name] has introduced [product] that can help your [team] at [Prospect’s company]. [Pitch your product benefits in one single sentence].

I know for a fact that [Your product] will help [Prospect’s company] achieve [High-level benefit/ goal].

Are you available for a quick call to further discuss this on [Proposed date and time]?


[Your Name], [Your Position] and [Your Company’s name]


3) The Sharing a Helpful Resource Sales Email Template

In this sales email, you reach out to a prospect and provide them with content you think they’ll find relevant. This email template acts as a gateway to getting a prospect interested in what you have to offer. 


Hi [Prospect’s Name],

I saw your latest announcement this weekend about [X subject] and it got me thinking.

I found this article about [Name of your article]that I felt might be of interest to your progress.

Here’s a link to access and read it: [URL Link to article]

I hope you find it helpful.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


4) The ‘AIDA’ Sales Email Template

Amongst the best sales email templates, the AIDA approach works as it relies on the very popular AIDA sales technique.

  • Attention: Capture your prospect’s attention
  • Interest: Convey why your product/service is valuable to your prospect
  • Desire: Create a desire for your service/ product
  • Action: Mention a CTA and end strong by informing prospects hw they can take advantage of your offer


Hey [Prospect’s Name],

Do you think your team would be able to handle [X benefit]?

I’m asking because after switching to [Your product], we’ve seen other clients in [Prospect’s industry] see notable results.

We’ve also recently worked with [Reputable person/ company] and have already begun to see great results.

Although appearing too good to be true, why don’t you see for yourself? 

Are you available to schedule a meeting this week to further discuss this opportunity? You can just directly mark a slot on my calendar: [link]

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]


5) The Recent Voicemail Sales Email Template

With this sales email template, you can reinforce a voicemail you recently left for your prospect. This follow-up sales email plays a crucial role to help ensure that you get a response.


Hi [Prospect’s Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your company name]. I recently saw you showed interest in [Your product]. Actually, I had attempted to reach out to you over call after checking out [Prospect’s company] website.

The last thing I’d hoped to do is waste your time, but I thought it would be beneficial to discuss with you what you hope to get from [Your product]. 

Many of our customers have a quick setup similar to this to help them get started. Are you available any time during this week? You can schedule a time directly on my calendar here: [Link].


[Your Name]


6) The Follow-Up Sales Email Template

You send this type of sales email to your leads that are already in your sales process. However, these mails are sent to those leads who haven’t responded to your last communication (email or phone calls).


Hi [Prospect’s Name],

This is [Your Name]. I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to connect. 

Last time we spoke, you were quite concerned about [previously discussed pain point]. I completely understand how busy one can get these days with work and everything.

Just wanted to say that I’d be happy to schedule a quick call at a better time for you. Here’s my Google calendar [Link]. I’ve added a few slots before and after working hours, in case that works better for you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]


7) The Post-Meeting Sales Email Template

This sales email is an easy and quick method to keep your business at the top of your mind for recent leads. It also allows you to remind your prospect of key points discussed during the meeting.


Hi [Prospect’s Name],

It was great speaking to you today. Here’s a brief look at what’s going to happen next:

[Date A]: [Action 1]

[Date B]: [Action 2]

[Date C]: [Action 3]

Please do let me know if you require any further information. I’ll be seeing you at our final meeting on [Date].

Thank You.

[Your Name]

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As a whole, sales emails are quite an effective way of expanding your reach and connecting with maximum prospects. 

Not only are you able to reach your target audience efficiently, but you can also do so cost-effectively. From cold emails, to reminder emails, to industry-specific sales emails, the possibilities are endless.

To write an effective sales email, you need to do your due research on the best sales email templates. Once you master the basics, you’ll be able to write outbound email templates of your own in no time!

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