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Times to Text Your Client During the Sales Cycle

Published on August 14, 2020
Last modified on July 13, 2023

The concept of texting as business communication is being used and proving to be useful for many businesses out there. This includes both B2B and B2C companies. Also, one should know that sending emails, making phone calls, social selling, and so on are not going away.

Why Sales People Should Use Text Message In Sales

The reason is pretty simple. It cuts through all the noises. The main problem with other modes of communication is that they create a lot of noise because most customers are using them.

Customers receive a lot of emails and calls every day. They often ignore them because of their high sending frequency rate. But sending a message is different. It makes the customer take the word into account as it might be from his family, colleagues, and so on. 

Therefore, texting is a great way to get the attention of the customer. Sending a message makes you stand out as you tend to make your customer relationships more personal and stand outside the box.

The response rate of text messages is higher than those of other popular communication methods. Furthermore, you will see a better response if you have already established a customer relationship before sending them messages.

Many people might be hesitant to use text messaging because they regard their SMS inbox for personal use and not business-related. Sometimes you may end up texting at an inconvenient time. 

NeoDove is an excellent tool when it comes to texting your prospects. It allows you to send an SMS text/whatsapp  to your customers. This way, your sales team does not have to worry about manually keeping the notice of such things.

How To Use Texting In Sales

During the process of cultivating leads, a good strategy is to combine your email marketing with text messaging. If someone is wishing to download some content from your website, then you can ask them to agree to certain terms and conditions.

This also allows you to ask their permission to send them text messages. If your prospects agree, then you can send them a text that’s relevant to the call-to-action email you sent.

Make sure you give them the option of opting out from receiving your text messages. Do not burden them with loads of words and provide them with the flexibility to decide their future course of action.

Texting For Your Sales Team

If you are not so sure about using text messaging for your sales team due to some privacy issues and parameters, then you should refer a professional lawyer. But do remember that the rules and protocols around text messaging are the same as those of emails and phone calls.

Data privacy acts are not different for different forms of communication. There are some fundamental facts and rules that apply to all modes of communication. For instance, you send a marketing mail to your prospects and do not receive a response back, then you can follow back in a day or two by texting them.

If your prospect is not texting you back or called you to text them, then you can use the SMS Magic track to see the customer journey. This involves seeing what they viewed on your website, where they spend maximum of your time, and what directed them to your site.

Where To Use Texting In Sales

Start using texting in sales from your inbound leads. They are the ones who showed real interest in booking a meeting, getting a product demo, seeing the prices, and so on.

If your prospect shows interest, then you may call them, leave a voice mail, send an email, or connect with them on LinkedIn with a note. On the second day, your sales team can call again and send them an email. 

On the third day, your sales team may call again, but they will also send a text message with an option to stop receiving text messages from them. If your prospect chooses to prevent you from sending them text messages, then you need to comply with their response. 

In the case of the outbound leads, you can first use the traditional communication methods. In the later part, you can start sending text messages to your prospects. Also, every message will be different depending on your prospect.

Effective Use Of Sales Texting

The most effective way to use text messaging in sales is for meeting reminders. Every sales organization will see an exponential increase in booking meetings when they used this method.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the show-up rate for your meetings, send your prospects a text message to remind them about your meeting. This will also serve as a reminder in case you booked the meeting with them days or weeks ago.

They can tie your text message to their calendar reminder. You will also know in advance if you need to reschedule the meeting if your prospect won’t be able to make it at the before decided time.

Use text messages as a meeting reminder to see a significant increase in your show-up rate.

Things Your Sales Team Should Be Careful About While Sending Texts

  1. Prevent Sending Irrelevant Text:

Focus on using your customer history to send texts that speak to your customer’s preferences and demographic information. Don’t make them feel like just another number on your list.

In other words, do not flood their inbox with discount rates and deals. First, understand what it is that they exactly need. Identify their problems and interests and send text messages accordingly.

  1. Do Not Send Messages At Inappropriate Times:

Be absolutely formal and therefore do not send messages at inappropriate times like late night or early mornings. Send text messages during the routine business hours. Sending them text messages during inconvenient times can make you look like you are invading their private space.

Texting will help you get more leads but only if executed well. Do not overdo texting. Make judicial use of time and send text messages to your customers and prospects accordingly.

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