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Templates You Need to Use for WhatsApp Message Automation

Published on January 11, 2023
Last modified on February 15, 2023
Top 7 Templates You Need For WhatsApp Automation l NeoDove

Have you ever thought about the huge user base of WhatsApp? It’s about 2 billion active users spread in over 180 countries! Over 100 billion messages are transferred on the app on a daily basis. 

WhatsApp really is the app that people check even before getting out of bed every morning. 

If you have just launched your brand or if you own an SME, WhatsApp is your friend. They say if you are not marketing on WhatsApp, you are not marketing at all. 

Most big brands would be reaching out to customers via email or SMS. In this scenario, you have to work smart so that you can grow your business. The best way to go about this is to adopt WhatsApp marketing strategies. 

This means sending promotional and transactional messages to your customers. But, how do you do it? 

In this article, we will be focusing on WhatsApp automation and templates for automated WhatsApp messages. 

What are WhatsApp Message Templates and Automated messages on WhatsApp?

If you own a brand, a major part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy should revolve around how you automate WhatsApp messages. Most brands have a huge customer base and almost always need to send messages to customers in bulk. This is the purpose behind WhatsApp automation.

What are WhatsApp Message Templates and Automated messages on WhatsApp l NeoDove

How do you automate WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp API is the key to automating WhatsApp messages for your brand. 

In fact, WhatsApp Business API allows two types of automated WhatsApp messages. If you want to initiate a chat with any of your customers you will need to do it via automated WhatsApp messages. 

You can automate WhatsApp messages via message templates. WhatsApp message templates are specific formats for different categories of automated 

WhatsApp messages that companies use to send standardised notifications. They are also called Highly Structured Messages or HSM. Customers need to agree to receive these types of automated messages on WhatsApp.

The second type of automated message on WhatsApp involves customers asking their queries. Then, your brand has a 24-hour window to respond to these messages. It’s up to your brand to have templates for such automated WhatsApp messages for such queries as well.

Tips To Remember When Creating Automated Messages On WhatsApp

Now, you have a thorough idea about WhatsApp message templates and automated WhatsApp messages and how WhatsApp automation works.

When you are writing WhatsApp message templates for your brand, here are some tips you should follow:

Tips To Remember When Creating Automated Messages On WhatsApp l NeoDove

  • Template Name

While naming your WhatsApp message template, there are some rules to remember. 

You must use only alphanumeric characters and underscores as nothing else is allowed. Moreover, you cannot use any spaces or special characters as these are not allowed. 

Ensure that you review your template thoroughly before submitting one. That is because you cannot edit it after the submission.

  • Template content

A WhatsApp message template can be interactive, media-based or text-based. Say you make a text-based template. Then, you must ensure that it does not contain any tabs, new lines or more than four spaces consecutively. 

If your template involves media i.e. images, stickers, audio or videos, you’ll need to mention the media type. 

Furthermore, you’ll then have to upload this media to WhatsApp’s server or include an HTTPS link.

Businesses also have the option to put in interactive elements such as a quick reply button or CTA (call-to action). That way they would be able to get more engagement from their customers.

You could also have ‘placeholder values’ in the template content. These values are also known as variables. These variables enable you to personalize the automated WhatsApp message. 

However, it’s important for you to ensure that you are using the correct formatting while putting variables. For example, { {Customer’s Name} }, your package has arrived. Here, the customer’s first name is considered the placeholder value.

  • Language

As you know, businesses have to make templates to automate WhatsApp messages on the WhatsApp Business API. As such, you must also remember that the Business API does not support autotranslation. 

So, you will need to put in translation for every element in your template. If you are making several message templates in one particular language, you can put them together in “language packs”. 

A collection of language packs is known as a message template namespace.

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Top 7 WhatsApp Message Templates You Can Use For Automation

Now that you know the most important tips about writing a WhatsApp message template, it’s time for the most crucial part. These are the categories under which you can make your WhatsApp message templates. 

Here are the top 10 WhatsApp message templates and categories that you can use for your brand:

Top 7 WhatsApp Message Templates You Can Use For Automation l NeoDove

1) Alert update

These updates are sent as general automated messages on WhatsApp. You can automate WhatsApp messages to give alerts about events, webinars, workshops, website updates etc. 

Here’s an example of a template you can use to automate WhatsApp messages like this. 


Hey {customer name}, 

Thank you for registering for the { {name of the event} } event. 
Check your email for the passes you will need on the day. 
We are looking forward to hosting you soon!

2) Account update

These are automated messages on WhatsApp that you can send when any new customer creates a new account. 

You can send it if a customer edits their existing account on your website, app or other digital platforms. These are the use-cases for creating an account update message template. 

Here are two examples of the same:

  • Example 1
Dear {Customer’s name}, 
The password for your {your company name}account was reset today. 
If you did not initiate this action, please contact us at {company phone number or email}.

  • Example 2
Hey {Customer’s name},
Thanks for registering with us! 
Your account has been verified and you are all set to go. 
You have access to all premium content as well. 
Happy learning!

3) Payment update

These fall under the category of transactional automated messages on WhatsApp. This is quite a straightforward message and you need to have a template to automate WhatsApp messages like this. 

To automate WhatsApp messages regarding payment updates like purchases made, upcoming payments or pending bills, follow the given template:


Hey {customer name},
Your bill for the {month} has been generated. 
Please pay the bill before the due date to avoid paying any late fees.


4) Appointment Update

Yet another category for which you will need to automate WhatsApp messages is appointment updates. 

Appointment updates are important automated messages on WhatsApp that you will need to send customers. They’re sent when you are giving them reminders about their appointments. 

Here’s a template that you can follow:


Hey {customer’s name}, 
This is to remind you that you booked an appointment with Doctor {name of the doctor} today. 
Please confirm your appointment for today. 
If you want to reschedule the appointment, please hit the button below. 
You can also get in contact with us at {phone number}.

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5) Ticket update

When a customer raises a complaint, a ticket gets raised for it. You can help customers keep track of these tickets using automated messages on WhatsApp. 

Here’s a template for an automated WhatsApp message informing your customer about the status of their ticket:


Hey {customer’s name}, 
This is to inform you about the complaint that you raised on the functioning issue. 
We regret the inconvenience caused. 
We assure you that our technical team will resolve the issue very shortly. 
Thank you for your patience!

6) Shipping update

This is one of the quintessential types of automated messages on WhatsApp that you have to send to your customers as a brand. This message is to inform your customers about the time when they can expect their order. 

Here’s a template for how you can automate messages on WhatsApp regarding shipping updates:

Hey {customer’s name}, your order has been shipped! 
It will reach you very shortly. 
You can track your order at this {link}. 
For more support, reach out to us at {phone number or email}.

7) Issue resolution

Even when brands try to give their best in terms of customer support, sometimes malfunctions happen.

If you have your own business, you will proactively need to inform your customers about it. When you keep your customers informed, they will not get overwhelmed or alarmed. In this way, you will soon be able to provide them with your best customer service. 

Here’s a template you can use for issue resolution messages:


Hey {customer’s name}, 
We are undergoing restoration work and we will be back so much better! 
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and request your patience for just a little longer.


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WhatsApp automation is a very helpful feature that can be used to make engagement more efficient.

Generally, WhatsApp bars businesses from using the platform for sending only promotional messages. That means you can use WhatsApp only to market your business. 

The above examples of automated WhatsApp messages come under the category of transactional messages. The given templates would come extremely handy when you go for WhatsApp Automation. In fact, transactional automated WhatsApp messages are an excellent way to drop in relevant offers, informational alerts, product recommendations and more. 

Overall, WhatsApp automation and automated WhatsApp message templates are extremely useful assets. If used correctly, they can greatly contribute towards boosting your conversions and making your business successful!

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