Telecalling can be a tricky nut to crack, however, if you know how to crack it right, it can do wonders for your business. 

Bad telecalling practices can lead to even more damage, therefore it’s important to consider the crucial factors before implementing them in your business. 

In an interactive webinar with Mr. Sanjay Singh on 21st November 2021, he has targeted the actual purpose and discussed 10 hacks that can help you in achieving your desired result. 

The participants had a lot of questions, but the first and foremost question was – Why Telecalling?


Mr. Sanjay Singh ensured that the session should be interactive and asked the participants to join in this question, put forward their views and then went about answering the question. According to him “Telecalling is the most cost-effective way of reaching out to the customers, but only when you know the game of Telecalling”, and we can’t agree enough.

“It’s like a war, and if you don’t know what the war is about, you can’t plan properly, that would eventually lead to failure” Mr. Singh explained. 

He then discussed the challenges of Telecalling. Why doesn’t telecalling give desired results? What are the limitations of this strategy and how can you overcome them?

Interacting with different people from different industries, he explained that telecalling relies on 3 Ps. 


People – Process – Performance

This strategy requires the right people, the right process and depends on the performance it shows. 

After a fun roleplay session with the participants about this, he then jumped on to – 10 hacks of telecalling 

He was very specific about all of these hacks and explained them in details. The webinar gave insights into – 

  1. The Mathematics – What do you expect after X number of Telecalls?
  2. The importance of following up with the prospect.
  3. The importance of “follow-through” process, when the prospect says – “Let me think about it”
  4. The importance of a “follow-back” process, when the prospect says – “I’m not interested.”
  5. The vital part of a referral process and how to track them.
  6. Don’t miss out on cross-selling opportunities.
  7. The upselling technique that lets you retain customers.
  8. Take every complaint as an opportunity to sell.
  9. Invest in marketing campaigns. 
  10. The importance of tracking telecalling metrics.


After an interactive session explaining all the points in detail, he answered questions related to the implementation of the telecalling strategy, how it can help across industries and more. 

In case you have missed the webinar with Mr. Sanjay Singh, you can listen to the whole recording below and have a deep understanding of how telecalling works. 



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