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How Telecalling Can Boost EdTech Penetration

Published on August 31, 2020
Last modified on March 22, 2022
Telecalling in Edtech

As a telecalling agent, you will want your EdTech potential customer to purchase your service. Your prospects will become more interested in your offerings only when they truly recognize the value of your solution-based content.

You can help to enhance their learning throughout the research process by offering instructional content.  This will allow you to close more sales for the company.

The various advantages would be:

  • Learning at their rate

After the call, if you can send a WhatsApp message with a link to a sample of what you’re offering, the learners who are your potential customers can go through the content when they get the time. It is important to tell them on-call that they have got all the time to analyze their learning options. This allows your potential customers to self-educate and begin to sell themselves on the value of your option before you reach out to them later in their journey.

  •  Building up your brand name

If you provide quality content, it will surely develop you as an authority in the EdTech sector. Moreover, it will improve your reliability in the eyes of your leads. Also, if your free offers are quite handy, then your potential customers will want to engage with what you are selling.

  •  Generating qualified leads

If the number of clients reviewing your content is considerable, the more that will comprehend exactly what you are offering. This will help you to convert leads into qualified leads much easily, and those qualified leads into clients.

  • Prospect evangelism 

After telecalling, if your prospects or clients identify your content to be helpful, then they are more likely to share it with their connections as well. This will get your business to a larger target market. This indicates boosted brand name recognition and the chances to close even more sales.

Top Telecalling Tips To Educate Your Prospect On The Value Of Your Offering

  1. Get info about your prospects

Before telecalling, a pre-contact research study is an integral part of the sales process. You need to define your customer’s persona. It will allow you to personalize your content as necessary and make the call. This will improve the chances of eliciting a positive reaction. 

Also, you can visit your prospect’s LinkedIn profiles to get a good idea of exactly what their roles are in their respective companies or internships. By doing thorough research, you could uncover that you have a common mutual link that might work as a recommendation. Moreover, having all the information from the outset will undoubtedly make it easier for you to engage with prospects while telecalling.

  1. Utilize various kinds of content

According to research conducted by Curata, 15.74% of businesses agree that content marketing and telecalling is an efficient method of generating more qualified leads. 

As a telecall agent, you will come across several types of content that you could utilize to inform and nurture your potential customers. But to do this effectively, you have to understand which forms of content should be best to use for which phase of the buyer’s trip. 

After telecalling your prospect, refer them to visit and read the various publishments made by your company as it will make their purchasing journey more clear and smooth.

Blog Posts: According to the statistics given by Choose Impulse,  businesses that blog at least once a month bring in 70%, more leads compared to businesses that do not do the same. Therefore, you can use blog posts as a medium to share various ideas on market-relevant subjects in the field Edtech.

White papers and ebooks: A briefly well-researched, long-form content can be a precious medium for enlightening leads too. White papers are quite useful because they address the inquiries that potential customers are most likely to ask.

On the other hand, E-books are much less technological when compared to white paper. It mainly focuses more on enlightening visitors concerning various subjects in your Edtech market. If you offer such an understanding, it will surely develop you as an authority in your market, which will, in turn, increase your firm’s reliability.

Case studies: Telecalling is fine. But to further believe in what you are saying, most of you leads will want to see some evidence that your service or product will satisfy their needs. Therefore, providing a case study is a fantastic means of showing them that you could be the solution to their issues. Make sure that you ensure that the case study highlights the customer’s experience from all the way from the start to finish. What problems did they encounter in the beginning? What strategy did you make use of to resolve the scenario? What were the outcomes? Always remember to include real data points that give an exact measurement of what happened. 

Testimonials: According to survey and research conducted by Social Media Today, customer testimonies have an effectiveness ranking of 89% in telecalling and content marketing. Seeing the favorable comments from your existing consumers will undoubtedly battle uncertainty. Furthermore, it will encourage leads to make a purchasing decision.  

The Final Word

Using academic content to engage your leads and personalizing your approach to their problems is only part of a larger body of strategies within the entire telecalling process. Moreover, your Edtech business could implement Inbound to reduce its overall sales cycles, focus on closing more sales, and reach a higher return on investment.  Provide your telecalling agents with strategy, support, and assistance. Help your sales professionals to enlighten their potential customers with content and jumpstart their sales cycle from telecalling. 

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