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Performance management

Performance management is a type of job evaluation that helps employers identify areas of improvement and growth within their organization.

Performance incentive

When it comes to rewards, there’s no doubt that some of the most effective incentives are based on the power of recognition.

Predictive dialing

Predictive dialers are a common tool used by call centers to improve customer service.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool for decision-makers because it allows them to take a more informed approach to problems.

Point of contact(PoC)

A POC is a person or a department serving as the coordinator or focal point of information concerning an activity or program.


A pipeline is a long-term goal that involves a series of discrete stages. It is used in sales and can be applied to any long-term endeavor.

Performance improvement plan(PIP)

A performance improvement plan is a formal document stating any recurring performance issues along with goals that an employee needs to achieve in order to regain good standing at the company (usually with a specific timeline to complete the plan).

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