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Send Automated Text Messages

It’s easy to set up automated text message campaigns with NeoDove. Automated messages can be sent based on certain criteria, such as if a sale is made or an inventory parameter changes for any product in your store!

What is SMS Automation?

SMS Automation is the process of automating systems or human activity by using the software. For example, with SMS Automation, you can capture every customer conversation and automatically route from responses without needing an extra employee to answer phone calls.

Create Automated Sequences For Customers With SMS Automation

NeoDove is a powerful CRM platform that every telesales people and telemarketers must-have. Streamline your calling process with advanced SMS automation.

Identify Potential SMS Campaign Targets

Find prospective targets like customers who did not purchase for the last six months and send them SMS.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Solution

Send scheduled or immediate SMS messages from existing business systems without sacrificing functionality

Instant Communication

Customers will not have to wait if you automate SMS messaging since it allows fast communication on the information you want them to know.

Save Time and Get Better Results

Sending booking reminders or surveys to your customers one at a time or in bulk would no longer be time-consuming if you have SMS automation.

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Get Enhanced Customer Engagement With SMS Automation

NeoDove helps you create a structured plan for sending messages and calls. Make your customers feel welcomed with SMS automation.

Frequently asked questions

The main reason to automate SMS is to provide an exceptional experience to customers. Automated SMS allows you to send personalized messages, making them feel welcomed.
By automating SMS, your telecalling team can keep track of how many times one is communicating with customers and what messages are sent to devise an overall marketing plan.
SMS automation provides a structured plan for telecalling against leading to increased efficiency. Since every message is automated, all you need to do is check the content of the message and ensure there are no mistakes.
You can automate the messages when a customer signs up, purchases the product, or wants to keep the customer up to date with the latest information.
Yes, automated SMS does have the unbearable power of a high open-rate. This is because the message is short, and it only takes a few seconds to read the information.