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Smart Communication Is The Key To Revive The Indian Automobile Industry

Published on July 4, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022

Revive India’s automobile industry with Smart Communication:

India’s automobile industry is one of the largest in the world. Furthermore, it constitutes 7% of the country’s total GDP. Many sub-automobile industries such as vehicle renting, vehicle servicing, vehicle selling, and so on have seen massive growth in the last few years. 

But despite such growth, the automobile industry is not growing or performing as well as it used to do before. So, what can be the reason behind this? Well, the answer is that most of the automobile companies are using traditional customer communication strategies. Moreover, there is no organized platform to track customer calls and have an effective customer relation strategy.

Over the past few years, many automobile servicing companies have failed to meet the increasing demand of the car population in the country. According to a certified survey, only one-third of car owners actually go back to the authorized dealers post the warranty period. The rest decide to opt for local multi-brand garage services. They usually provide services that are affordable, flexible, and time-saving. 

This not only applies to the four-wheeler owners but also your two-wheeler owners are following the same practice. Therefore, the automobile industry as a whole is affected adversely. 

It is important to realize that the business environment keeps on changing. Therefore, no matter you are a small or a well-established automobile company, you will have to keep your customer relationship strategy up to date. Smart communication is what is needed in this industry. We will discuss many ways that tell us that smart communication is the key to revive the automobile industry. Read ahead to know more.

  1. Make Your Customer Engagement More Efficient:

Automobile companies need to define customer engagement as their primary agenda. 

Smart communication will ensure that automobile companies have a system that is not outdated and is in sync with the expectation of the younger car buying generation. Keep in mind that millennials will represent more than 45% of the potential car-buying population by 2025. Therefore, smart communication will enable automobile companies to reimagine their future as well as current customer engagement.

  1. Prevent Revenue Loss And Leakage Of Customer Lead:

Automobile companies get plenty of query calls from customers through local call listings, websites, and other online portals. Also, many of these calls are missed only because they were made on non-working days. They cannot get this list of customers back who called.

Therefore, you need to have a smart communication technique. Automobile companies need to set up chatbots and 24×7 customer query helpline numbers. Give them the option to place their complaint and queries that will be answered the moment your customer care person is active. Having a smart communication setup allows the customers to know that your company is present and available round the clock for them.

This way you will be able to retain their data and formulate your customer reach out strategies accordingly. Remember, your company is selling cars and you want to get those cars out on the road within the desired duration..

  1. Customer Support And Purchase Decision:

Smart communication will ensure fruitful customer support services. A successful customer support directly affects the customer’s purchase decision. Many automobile dealers have multiple operating centers and sometimes it becomes difficult for the customers to find the contact number.

Therefore, strong communication will keep your customers updated about the closest dealership located for them. Also, ensure your number is operable and registered because you do not want customers to call on a number that is out of reach or not operating.

In short, the customers should be able to find the correct contact number and not waste his or her time trying a number that is not in service. If it is so, they might think that your dealership is not in business anymore. So ensure you have strong communication with them.

  1. Smart Communication Improves Customer Experience

Smart communication helps automobile companies to improve their customer experience. A good and smart communication will help automobile companies to assist their customers in booking car services, rescheduling it, communicating their special car requests to the garage and production manager, and also sharing their feedback and testimonials with other potential customers.

All these things together combined is a sign of smart communication that will induce the car owners and potential car buyers to visit an automobile showroom more often. Also, ask them to further suggest your showroom to their friends and families as a gesture of expanding your customer family who owns the cars from your showroom.

As a part of smart communication, send your customers deals on their next car wash or car service and maintenance at your serving showroom. You can communicate with them through emails, social media texts, chatbots, telephone calls, and personal interaction as well.

Smart communication will induce more people to buy cars. Moreover, impress them with your after-sales services. This will ensure that they return to your showroom again. Also, make sure to send them company or merchandise and accessories because customers love anything they would get extra with the purchase of their vehicle.

Right now, many automobile companies have started to upgrade their communication tools. The remaining will do the same in the coming time. As we move on, they have realized that smart communication is the next big thing for the survival of this huge industry and that their traditional selling and communicating methods will not work on the modern-day buyers anymore.

Remember, buyers like to be approached in the most modest manner, it shows your brand value and the will to approach them. Therefore smart communication is important to attract such customers to your showroom. It is not only for individual customers, smart communication plays a vital role while approaching a multi-national company and telling them to purchase your vehicles as a corporate transport vehicles.

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