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Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP)

What is a Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP)?

A Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP) is the one thing that you offer that sets you apart from all other competitors in the marketplace. It’s the unique and compelling proposition that provides added value and instils trust in the minds of your customers.

How to Determine Your Brand’s USP?

Your competitive advantage, or USP, can be derived from anything — it could be a special quality your products have, or some extra service you offer to all clients. Anything that makes you unique, or anything that somehow differentiates you from your competitors and makes people trust your brand can be considered a USP.

To be a successful brand and to have a strong market positioning, you need a USP. Here are some questions to help you identify what your unique selling point is:

What are the qualities of your product/service? Why should people buy from you instead of from other businesses? What do people like about it? How does it make their lives better?

These questions will help you identify the strengths of your product.

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