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What is a Predictive dialing?

Predictive dialers are a common tool used by call centers to improve customer service. They allow agents to focus on the most important calls while freeing up their time to take calls that have a higher chance of being answered. In addition, they help to keep agents from getting overwhelmed with a large volume of calls.

When you make a call to an 800 number, you are connected to a live person who can answer your questions or help you complete a transaction. However, when you use a predictive dialing system, you are connected to a computerized voice that can help you with your request.

It’s common for businesses to invest in telemarketing services to generate more business. But what many people don’t realize is that the outbound call system they are using is actually a one-way system. When you outbound calls, you are leaving the voicemail system on the other line. This means that if someone is not answering their phone, you will never know who they are.

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