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AIDA – Awareness Interest Desire Action

What is AIDA?

In simple terms, AIDA represents tracing the customer journey through – Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. While planning the marketing strategy, we often use this either consciously or subconsciously. It implies the cognitive stages a customer goes through while buying a product or service.

Example of using AIDA in your business

 As it is a communication model rather than a deal-closing strategy, it helps businesses to understand how often and correctly during different stages of the buyer journey they should communicate.

Awareness can be similar to running a marketing campaign prior to the launch of a product

Interest implementation can be done through targeted email campaigns or social media outreach.

Desire can be the ultimatum of running those email campaigns which creates an urgency for the customer to buy the product.

Action implies a clear call to action where you tell the prospective customer what should they do next – book a demo, schedule an appointment, call to receive a discount, etc.

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