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Why You Need A Sales Software in 2022 (Best sales software in India)

Published on September 8, 2021
Last modified on May 19, 2022
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Do you know who’s your business’ BFF? 


Well, it’s no surprise that your business growth is driven by sales. That’s one of the many reasons sales software in India is thriving in 2022. Because, no matter where you stand in the industry, sales always play a crucial role in sustaining your business growth.

There are a bunch of online sales management software that can help you in managing your sales and increasing your revenue. However, it’s important to know which software your business actually requires to effectively manage your sales process. 

Let’s have a look at why you need sales software in 2021 and the best sales software in India for your business.


What is sales software and why do you need one for your business?

Sales software helps your business to streamline, optimize and accelerate your sales process. It prioritizes the leads and ensures that your sales rep achieves their KPIs by maximizing productivity.   

A lot of businesses misinterpret sales software and customer engagement software. What customer engagement software does is manage the entire customer journey from start to finish. A sales software, however, helps you manage your sales cycle, which includes contact management, scheduling meetings, setting reminders for those meetings, following up with your prospects, and optimizing your sales results. 

Businesses that have implemented robust and efficient sales management software proved to have enhanced productivity and increased ROI. This, and a multitude of other reasons have convinced the end-users to adapt to these solutions.

Myth Debunked A great product sells itself 

Even though you have a great product or service, it’s important to know that the industry is highly competitive. What can actually make a difference is how you handle the process. 

You may have noticed that a lot of prospects are a no-show when it comes to taking the discussion further. Imagine, you had a great conversation with a prospect and forgot to follow up! Their cold-feet syndrome and your forgetfulness could cause your business an irreversible loss. 

A sales software can save you and your sales team hours of manual work by filtering out the most interesting prospects. 

How a sales software can optimize your sales process?

Let’s explore some of the features of sales software that can help you to achieve your sales goals and optimize the sales process. 

Realtime data analysis and dashboard

For any deal to close, you need to have enough data. A data-driven business can ace the revenue game faster. However, these data need to be analyzed before, so that your sales team can have a clear understanding of the prospect’s intent and score them. 

With the help of comprehensive and analytical reports and dashboards, your team is empowered to perform better. This makes your sales team’s life so much easier, maximizes their productivity, and drives revenue. 

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Multi-Platform Integration

Imagine how much time you would save without juggling between systems and manually entering customer information. You need a strategy that allows you to stay ahead of your competition, be well-versed with the latest applications, and implement integrations correctly. 

Some of the best integrations a sales software can offer are – Website integration, marketplace integration, social media integration, and necessary daily use templates. A multiplatform integration helps you to avoid bottlenecks and optimizes efficiency. 


360-Degree Prospect View

Prospect journeys are getting increasingly more complex due to various options available to them in a jiffy. A 360-degree prospect view ensures that you understand your prospect’s pain points, urgent requirements and analyze their behaviour. This would deliver a more personalized customer experience. 

With this, you can have a reliable view of your prospects before making a sales pitch and improve your chances of closing a deal. 


Best sales software in India

Although you can find a plethora of sales software that could have the best features, it’s you who can decide which is the one your business requires. 


Here’s a list of sales software that your business can implement –


This is highly recommended for smaller sales teams looking to cut out manual tasks. This would be an agile choice to streamline your sales pipeline. 

With an easy-to-use interface, there’s no time wasted in the learning cycle. The email syncing is on point and can help you with following up easily with your prospects. 



Are you or are you not surprised by this inclusion? With the increasing digital transformation, Zoom is THE sales video software that helps you to interact with your prospects, pitch your product/service and seal the deal. 

This helps in product demonstrations and is a popular choice for online video meetings. Besides that, it’s incredibly simple and doesn’t require vast technical knowledge. 



If selling smarter is your goal, this can be your perfect fit. It would be recommended to medium to large sales team. It gives you quick actionable insights and tells you exactly what to do with your prospects.

However, there’s a bit of a learning curve and it might get difficult to understand its potential and functionality. 



If you’re looking for a versatile sales software that could fit your small to medium business criteria, NeoDove tops the list. It’s specifically tailored for sales professionals looking for outbound sales tools or telecalling tools

A sales engagement tool that helps you in optimizing your sales results and makes your telecalling experience a breeze. 

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