How to Drive More Site Visits In Real Estate. The Tips and tricks

Drive more site visits in real estate

In the real estate sector, the chances of a successful lead conversion greatly depend on the number of successful site visits. Many term it as the break-or-make moment in the sales process. Therefore it becomes imperative to drive more site visits in real estate to achieve sales. According to the statistical research conducted by KnowledgeHub, […]

Outbound Sales Calls: A Complete Guide

NeoDove- Outbound Sales calling

Customer lead generation is one of the most challenging and significant processes for a business. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, gathering leads is important to justify the future growth of your company. If you are relying on your potential customer to find your products, then the process of generating dependable leads is going […]

The Importance Of Standup Meetings In Sales

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The standup meetings can fall under serious scrutiny in a drive to have the perfect company culture. Many surveys show that employees prefer fewer meetings. But as we know in order to do business, getting together at least occasionally is a must. Many companies and startups are switching from the traditional get-togethers to stand-up meetings […]

Negotiation When Your Deal Seems Lost

NeoDove-Negotiation when deals seems lost

At times, we put our best efforts, but still, the negotiation does not go the way we expected it to be. There can be many reasons for it. Maybe your potential customer went in for what your competitor had to offer, maybe your customer was not satisfied with the deals you had put forward and […]

Sales Incentive that improve team engagement

To address the complexities of today’s sales processes, one needs a thoughtful sales incentive model that would motivate the salespeople to sell effectively. The compensation should be such that the salesperson needs to be told what to do rather should be motivated enough to push themselves and support the company’s vision and goals.  Sales calls […]

All about Lead Conversion,achieve your target of high sales !

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Leads, leads, leads…. This is what both your marketing and sales department working round the clock to keep your business afloat. The truth is the quest for quality leads never ends and more so in B2B sales. Here leads are just like fuel and you need a continuous supply of fuel to keep your car […]

WhatsApp For Business

What’s up with WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with more than 180 billion active users across 180 countries, the app unleashes over 60 billion messages every day. The app is a quick, easy, and convenient way to send audio and text messages – privately and in groups […]

Top 12 Ways To Generate Leads

A sales lead refers to either a person or a company who may eventually become your client.He/She is the one who is our potential client. Businesses can gain access to sales leads through various ways such as outbound calling, email marketing, landing pages, trade shows, SEO, social media advertising, word of mouth, etc. What is […]

Tips for salesperson to Ace Remote Selling

In times of uncertainties thrown at us by COVID-19, remote working has been gaining a lot of momentum. But for salespeople adapting to remote working can be extremely difficult. Especially after getting used to daily face time with customers,having  personal interaction with prospects, or after being the centre of attention as expressive extroverts, and with […]

How to maintain follow-up in Sales

The sales process never ends after the initial contact, the initial elevator pitch, the first meeting or even after the final pitch. It is the follow-up process that seals the deal and then helps you seal yet another deal. We get it that following up might be a true pain process but follow-ups: It creates […]