Outbound Sales Calls: A Complete Guide

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Customer lead generation is one of the most challenging and significant processes for a business. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, gathering leads is important to justify the future growth of your company.

If you are relying on your potential customer to find your products, then the process of generating dependable leads is going to be hard. You will have to consistently predict your sales monthly.

In order to build a sales process that can generate revenue that is predictable, you will have to go after your leads rather than waiting for them to come to you. This is why you need outbound sales and call management platform.

Top Steps To Build Valuable Outbound Sales Calls Process

  1. Set Goals And Metrics:
  • Lead Conversion Rate: It represents the number of customers and clients that you have succeeded in converting into an opportunity. It helps you to identify where the most potential for the conversion lies. It then gives you a better picture of whom to target.
  • Call To Close Ratio: It shows you the true number of customers or clients who you have actually succeeded in winning. Furthermore, it also tells you how well is your marketing campaign aligned with your predetermined acquisition strategy.
  • Time To Close: The total time that each of your leads takes to close the deal tells a lot about your sales plan. Moreover, if your outbound leads are taking more time to close then your inbound leads, then you need to revisit your acquisition criteria, and here comes call management in the picture.
  1. Have A Clear Customer Profile:

Having an ideal customer profile is an important component while developing an outbound sales strategy. Your customer profile must include information such as profession, industry, demographics, income level, age, and so on. It will help you to decide whom to specifically target. 

You can also add subjective elements to your customer profile such as buying power and level of interest because it does add greater value to your customer profile you are referring to.

  1. Create An Extensive Plan:

Be prepared with a pre-determined detailed plan of how you will be implementing your outbound sales strategy and also how your sales team goes about it. This will give your sales team a clear picture of how many days they have to close.

Also, your plan must include the sequence of the steps that will be followed from the time the first outbound email is generated to the time the sales deal is finalized and closed. 

  1. Revisit Your Lists:

You need to revisit your target list if your sales numbers are not increasing at the rate you had expected them to increase. Understand where you are lagging. See if you have missed any crucial information in the customer profile or maybe your sales team is not working that effectively.

NeoDove is a great solution to solve both of these problems. The automated tool takes care of call management and makes sure you get all the customer information concise in one place. Furthermore, you can track the activities and performance of your sales team as well. This will help you to see any drawbacks and make changes accordingly needed to increase your outbound sales calls.

Top 5 Tips For Effective Outbound Sales Calls

  1. Research Before Contacting A Prospect:

Outbound sales representatives need to research about their potential clients before approaching them besides preparing a sales pitch. Know about the background of your potential customer and approach them accordingly with what you can offer to them in that genre.

  1. Maintain Positive Vibe:

While selling your product, you need to keep your customer engaged throughout the sales pitch process. Moreover, your customer can disagree with your point of view and even make humorous suggestions about your product at times.

But your focus should be to come up with the ideas to convince the customer that your product is perfect for them and it is just the thing they were looking to purchase.

  1. Use Language And Tone Wisely:

Sometimes, the outbound sales representatives take too long to answer the question put forward by the customer. Moreover, learning about the features of the product you are offering might take some time.

But you must maintain a normal and a natural tone even when you are taking the time or not able to answer the question perfectly. If you hesitate, then that might just turn your customer off and he will withdraw from the proposal put forward by you.

  1. Use Your Listening Skills:

One of the main reasons why sales deals are often delayed is because the customer does not get an answer to their question by the sales representatives. This happens when the sales representatives fail to understand and interpret what the customer exactly meant or what does he exactly want to know.

In such a case, they might lose interest and hang up on you. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to what they are saying and answer them back only when you have understood their statement clearly.

  1. Posture And Confidence:

Customers can gauge the authenticity of the brand you are promoting by seeing the confidence that you have in your tone and your body language. Therefore, it is very important to be bold and upfront while giving your sales pitch. Hesitation can create a bad impression and can hamper your image as sales representatives at times.

Outbound sales are quite effective when you are launching a new product or when you want to make the best use of a newly-launched marketing campaign. Defining an ideal customer profile and generating a list of the target audience is one of the most vital elements of an outbound sales strategy.

Before putting an outbound sales cadence into effect, managers should consult with companies like Uplead. These companies can provide customer-specific, real-time, and verified data and call management that will help the sales team to easily meet their targets.



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