How To Increase Vehicle Sales At Automobile Dealership Through Cold Calling

With the start of the current decade, India’s automotive industry has been brawling with a drastic decline in demand for new vehicles. Several economical, consumer-led and political factors have impacted sales in 2019 and 2020 and the only opportunity you can cling into as an automotive dealership is the right technology and the skill of your sales team.


Here comes the role of a calling software as Your brand reputation matters, the level of customer service you are willing to provide matters, but what helps you make the cut is the data! The rich data that the sales team has gathered over the years about prospects. Because along with the most important human elements for a successful sale, a great attitude, a smile and the motive to increase sales, data is exactly what gives you a competitive advantage over others.Reason for the same being,after we have data then only can we categorize the most important prospect customers and convince them to buy wheels.

How can I get this data?

With a vehicle being a high-value commodity, prospects usually carefully consider various factors, like budget, market and payment methods, before making any buying decision. So they research your website, check some reviews or even book online for a test drive on your automobile dealership’s website and when they do that, they provide you with contact details. With access to basic contact details about these prospects, you can easily contact them and they can be nurtured with proactive customer service that will answer their questions, provide them with useful information and help increase your sales opportunity.

After providing an engaging conversation and useful information, you have built a bridge to a much longer relationship. The bridge that will take you towards another step into this business/customer relationship and with more clarity and control on the customer’s decision-making journey, you can effortlessly drive new business.

How can I use this data?

With the help of calling software like NeoDove, you can easily manage, monitor, and effectively analyse these leads which were touched upon through cold calling. Eventually, you have detailed information with miniature profiling about these prospects, what are looking for, what their budget is and how can they be fully accommodated. 

Then what? Then you focus on selling.

  1.     Get Personal

You have done your homework, you went through the data and you are ready with all of the information you might need about the customer: their budget, which vehicle is to fill every particular need of his, it’s time to get personal, call him by his name, take him through the various options which you are willing to offer and make him proud about picking you over any other automobile dealership.

  1.   Listen, Listen and Listen

Slow down with the selling approach and focus on the customer centric approach, paying attention to what the customer needs with NeoDove calling software. Allow them to share information about what they are looking for, their opinion, concerns and you can answer them accordingly.

  1.   Know About What you are Selling

When the customer is willing to make an investment, show him what he is getting in return. Know about the features and benefits of each product in your inventory, what each car has to offer and why it is great. Knowing about the product inside-out and answering the customer’s questions without any hesitation increases the buyer’s confidence in buying the product and increases your chance of business.

  1.   Know About What they are Selling

It is equally important to know about what other dealerships in the area are selling just as much as knowing about what you are selling because it also boosts the customer’s confidence in your professionalism.

  1.   Sell on Payment instead of Price

Respect their budget and don’t try to oversell. We all know that the economy is one of the massive factors impacting the automobile industry at the moment so it completely makes sense that you sell on payment instead of price. Although you can lure them with incentives if they buy any car during a certain promotional period but allow them to decide without any pressure.

  1.   Remember! It Doesn’t End When they Buy the Car,after sales services is equally important

A professional follow up is the key to any successful business because a great experience will always be memorable and  NeoDove calling software makes things even more easier. So with a convenient after service, you can guarantee customer referrals and repeat business.

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