How Automobile Dealers Can Maintain Productivity During The Pandemic?

The Indian automobile industry has been diving into a deep recession for the past couple of months and COVID-19 has made the situation more miserable. It has also put the brakes on for automobile dealers globally. To top that, in an attempt to limit the spread of the disease, the decision of the Indian government to go for a complete lockdown hits the automobile industry with unprecedented turmoil.

But what can automobile dealers do to maintain the productivity of their sales team during COVID times?

Future-proof your automobile dealer and upskill your sales team with Outbound Calling


With the advance of technology at a staggering pace and the ever-changing customer demands and business landscape, it is imperative that we are well-equipped with new-age tech tools to remain productive and gain that extra edge. But if you’re still contemplating, now is the time!

You can start with exploring, learning and employing software to connect and collaborate with your tele-callers team and then proceed with simple sales automation tools. One simple and intuitive platform to use is NeoDove. It is an end-to-end tech-enabled sales automation platform. The platform is mobile and web-based so it can be easily accessed from any location. It also:

  • Provides real-time monitoring and analysis which measures the performance of your tele-callers’
  • It offers various telecalling  solutions for eg:outbound calling, inbound marketing, and data management.
  • It maximizes the calling output, call recording,records information about prospects, call recording and allows scheduling and assigning of sales tasks,.
    It helps to maintain call  follow-ups.

NeoDoveDashboard – Telecallers performance 

 Enabling your company and sales team to be versatile with tech tools may seem like a simple step to employ but it has a huge impact on increasing the overall sales  process.

Conducting market research

A Google Kantar TNS study reveals that around 90% of the car purchasing process has been digitally driven in India. And that with the shift in consumer behavior, buyer’s visits to brick-and-mortar dealerships have dropped.

The study also tracked the car research and purchase journey for consumers and found that video search and dealership websites played a crucial role in influencing a buyer’s decision. 

Understanding what you are offering in comparison to what your competitors are offering will be vital to understanding the buying behavior and motives.

The truth is they are already conducting qualitative research all the time when reaching out for prospects so adding up one more task to their list to extract more data can help the team achieve a strong sales strategy which syncs with the goals of your dealership.

Re-Engage with your customers

Communicating and reengaging with existing customers can diagnose and identify the health of your automobile dealership in real-time. During this crisis, when everyone is aiming towards virtual India ,we must question ourselves “how can we help our customers?” rather than “how can we increase sales?”

  • Find ways so that your customers can reach you easily. Perhaps through a live chat software service or a dedicated hotline.
  • Take your call to another level, video chat & virtual call with your customers to create familiarity. Or maybe use remote desktop tools where both of you can navigate through the dealership’s website to explore the features and specs of your car fleet.
  • Recreate a tailored payment plan for different customers.
  • Proactively communicate through outbound calling and reach out to your customers and customer support should be your priority during this time.

Sales are falling but we can do something for the future 

Stocking up on new leads requires extra time and effort in normal circumstances but right now, time and effort are all you have. You have a sales team that is home bound and cannot go out in the market for face to face meetings with clients. Use them effectively for:

  • Find new sales prospects
  • Understanding your prospects better
  • Do a focus targeting and add up to your sales funnel with quality leads 

So the moment the situation normalizes you are the first one to reach out to them.

COVID-19 is affecting every business in various industries and it is likely to cause a recession. But hopefully, its impact will be a short-term issue to worry about and an antidote will be soon found. Meanwhile, we need to find clever ways to adapt to the coronavirus restrictions, from creating new strategies to finding new technologies or even employee empowernment.

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