Training the Telecaller in Your Automobile Dealership

Training the Telecaller in Your Automobile Dealership

Telemarketing can be one of the most efficient pathways for boosting up the sales of automobile companies. A trained telecaller can make a significant difference in the company’s progress, especially in the automobile dealership. The main target of training the telecaller in an automobile dealership is to make the telecaller competent for generating sales through […]

Outbound Sales Calls: A Complete Guide

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Customer lead generation is one of the most challenging and significant processes for a business. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, gathering leads is important to justify the future growth of your company. If you are relying on your potential customer to find your products, then the process of generating dependable leads is going […]

The Importance Of Standup Meetings In Sales

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The standup meetings can fall under serious scrutiny in a drive to have the perfect company culture. Many surveys show that employees prefer fewer meetings. But as we know in order to do business, getting together at least occasionally is a must. Many companies and startups are switching from the traditional get-togethers to stand-up meetings […]

Times to Text Your Client During the Sales Cycle


The concept of texting as business communication is being used and proving to be useful for many businesses out there. This includes both B2B and B2C companies. Also, one should know that sending emails, making phone calls, social selling, and so on are not going away. Why Sales People Should Use Text Message In Sales […]

Sales Personality Test

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A sales environment has always remained dynamic and ever changing . Today selling has become more complex due to everchanging demands of customer. The customers are more informed and has a deeper understanding of business and demand genuine value. To succeed in this complex environment you need your sales manager capable enough to meet these […]

Sales Incentive that improve team engagement

To address the complexities of today’s sales processes, one needs a thoughtful sales incentive model that would motivate the salespeople to sell effectively. The compensation should be such that the salesperson needs to be told what to do rather should be motivated enough to push themselves and support the company’s vision and goals.  Sales calls […]

All about Lead Conversion,achieve your target of high sales !

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Leads, leads, leads…. This is what both your marketing and sales department working round the clock to keep your business afloat. The truth is the quest for quality leads never ends and more so in B2B sales. Here leads are just like fuel and you need a continuous supply of fuel to keep your car […]

Inside Sales Team: Power Them Up

Over the past decade or so, inside sales have taken dominance in B2B tech and SaaS space. While there was a time when there was a clear demarcation between Inside sales rep and filed sales but with the recent pandemic, organizations across the globe have realized the remote sales are a concept too. During such […]

Reshape Sales Strategy :Open With Confidence


 Reshape Sales Strategy after Covid 19: The coronavirus pandemic has changed the business dynamics and corporate environment of all the companies, big or small throughout the world. Since no one saw it coming, businesses had no framework in the initial stages to deal with their customers. The way marketing and sales teams need to interact […]

Lead Qualification : The Missing Link Between Sales and Marketing


The marketing team spends a lot of time and resources for leads generation everyday, then transfers them to the sales team to proceed with the sales. However the sales team often manages to `close the deal with only a few of them. So, what happens with the majority of them? No matter how efficient or […]