Best practices for delighting customers in Automobile dealerships

Best practices for delighting customers in Automobile dealerships

For an Indian customer, buying a car is a big deal as it levels up their lifestyle. Hence, automobile dealers’ marketing plays an essential role in customer experience impacts customer buying decisions. Every automobile car dealer must have a kick-ass marketing strategy, extraordinary customer experience (both in their store and online), no matter what. Here […]

Why Your Customer May Not Want To Hear A “Sorry”

aplogizing to customers for conversions

Apologies play an important role in customer interaction. But often just saying “I’m sorry” is not enough. By just repeating the phrase again and again will make it look and sound insincere. This can be difficult at times because it is hard to be genuine when you do not always feel sorry. A salesman will […]

How To Upsell Without Annoying Your Customers

upselling without annoying customers

Often you will see that people associate upselling with an underhanded telesales technique that tricks the customers into spending more money than they had planned too. But what people do not realize is the upselling can do great things for your business without altering or ruining your brand. Furthermore, it helps you to make better […]

Negotiation When Your Deal Seems Lost

NeoDove-Negotiation when deals seems lost

At times, we put our best efforts, but still, the negotiation does not go the way we expected it to be. There can be many reasons for it. Maybe your potential customer went in for what your competitor had to offer, maybe your customer was not satisfied with the deals you had put forward and […]

The Sales Script,learn to deliver the perfect pitch

If you’re doing inside sales, you would all agree with me that a phone call can be an effective tool to reach out potential customers and effectively close a deal. At NeoDove, when we started in the month of March 2020. We had set a target of 20 paid accounts in 3 months and we […]

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Sales and Why Is Better Together


The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Sales and Why Is Better Together Irrespective of the industry we talk about, today, the global market is facing tough competition, be it the healthcare, finance, real estate, consumer goods, information and technology, or the automobile sector. Each company wants to advertise its product, gain a reputation in a […]

Get Rid of Call Reluctance,Effective Telecalling


If you’ve ever done a telecalling, I bet you would know the feeling. The feeling of butterflies or emptiness in the stomach, getting a cold fit, procrastinating everyday on pretext of some excuse or the other. Basically Call Reluctance ! The inherent inability to pick up the phone and do the first telecall as your […]

Is Telesales Right for you?

Neodove telesales

Recently Dexter Capital advisors and Neodove had organized a webinar for fellow founders for scaling B2C ventures via telesales on 23rd July 7PM on Zoom. Mr Girish Batra – Founder of NetAmbit was the keynote speaker. The entire article is based on the learnings shared by Mr Girish during the webinar Today, our phone has […]

Manpower Management In Automobile Dealership


Manpower management has always been one of the most daunting challenges for automobile companies. There is a problem with the skill gap that the industry is trying to fill over the years.  HR organizations need to be more innovative on the talent strategies that need to be adopted at the automobile dealership. Also, there is […]

Debt Collection System 2020 ,Post Covid19

Neodove Covid19

Across many EMEA markets, debt collection has been focused on driving the right outcome for the customer on the outset. The focus has not just been on how soon and how quickly can you collect the cash from your customers However, this situation could not come any sooner for the customers whose ability to pay […]