How To Design Scripts For Effective Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the most commonly used sales techniques, yet it is one of the most difficult ones to master. It is the least favorite amongst the salespeople as it is filled with rejection but it does guarantee success if done correctly. The thing that differentiates between an effective call and not so […]

How Automobile Dealers Can Maintain Productivity During The Pandemic?

The Indian automobile industry has been diving into a deep recession for the past couple of months and COVID-19 has made the situation more miserable. It has also put the brakes on for automobile dealers globally. To top that, in an attempt to limit the spread of the disease, the decision of the Indian government […]

Ways To Improve Sales During COVID Times?

The corona virus pandemic is affecting all kinds of industries around the world from manufacturing, insurance ,events management, and construction to the airline, retail, travel, and real estate industry. But it is times like these when brands should realize that they have an important role to play in making a difference.¬† Selling and buying have […]

How Work From Home Will Become The Norm For SMBs Post Corona Virus?

work from home

The world will witness some massive changes post the corona virus crisis. These changes will affect many aspects of human life. One very tangible aspect will be working from home (WFH) culture which is the only drive that is keeping the world economy going at this moment. The concept of working from home or telecommuting […]

How a Startup is Boosting up Your Remote Working Experience

NeoDove was introduced to the SaaS family of agile communication and lead management in 2019 by Arpit Khandelwal and Ankit Agrawal. The idea came into existence when the co-founders identified many problems while operating as, Arpit a Director in an automobile dealership and Ankit a tech expert in prominent organizations. The problems ranged from lack […]

How To Increase College Admissions Through Outbound Calling?

With admission season kicking off and universities are shutting down as the novel coronavirus¬† has affected more than 280,000 people around the world, reaching out for applicants has never been more challenging.The students are also very confused for their college admissions ,their sessions (when will they start) and looking at a bigger picture:about their future. […]

How SMEs Can Ramp Up Remote Working?

With the outbreak of coronavirus across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the US, companies around the world like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, and Apple have been requesting employees to work from home. In India, Auto giants like Tata, Mahindra, and Hyundai have asked employees to refrain from unnecessary travel and to work from […]

How to maintain follow-up in Sales

The sales process never ends after the initial contact, the initial elevator pitch, the first meeting or even after the final pitch. It is the follow-up process that seals the deal and then helps you seal yet another deal. We get it that following up might be a true pain process but follow-ups: It creates […]

The Unevenly Digitalised India

Digital transformation has staggeringly reshaped the business community in India but the balance between the digital adaptations remains uneven. Knowledge-based sectors such as financial services and information and communications technology have progressed rapidly while labour-based sectors such as trade, manufacturing, and transportation are falling behind. Still, the level of digitization within each sector varies widely, […]

How Small, Medium And Large Enterprises Can Increase Its Digital Score?

With the evident gap between the highly digitalized and the digitally laggard businesses in the Indian market, there seems to be a mindset or a key differentiator that might help with overcoming this unbalanced situation. Keeping in mind that digitally advanced businesses can be found across various industries, no matter what revenue it generates or […]