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Reshape Sales Strategy :Open With Confidence

Published on July 6, 2020
Last modified on July 13, 2023

 Reshape Sales Strategy after Covid 19:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the business dynamics and corporate environment of all the companies, big or small throughout the world. Since no one saw it coming, businesses had no framework in the initial stages to deal with their customers. The way marketing and sales teams need to interact with their existing customers, as well as future customers, is going to take a drastic shift post this pandemic.

Businesses will have to come up with new sales strategies to reach out to their customers. The COVID-19 influence on the market place and sales operation have completely changed the business landscape and the way corporate businesses will work in the near future.

The time has come for the businesses to prepare for their future after learning from the status of the business marketplace in the past few months since the pandemic began. We need to remember that there is no particular sales framework that will help businesses to make a smooth transition and survive the same. Follow the below-mentioned tools and strategies to have a successful sales execution in the ‘new normal’.

  1. Take Your Sales Management Online And Train Your Sales Team:

The corona pandemic has changed how the sales team will manage and execute their agendas amidst the current situation. Since the entire communication and sales execution is taking place online, you need to make sure your sales team is aware of online communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

Prefer buying their premium accounts to have uninterrupted communication with and amongst your sales team. Also, you need to take your sales process online. Therefore your sales team needs to be equipped with some of the best online sales management tools that will help them to monitor, study, assess, clarify deviations, and finally execute the right sales strategy. Some of the tools that they can use for the same are the following-

  • PFL Tool:

This online tool allows your sales team to boost their sales cycle. This is possible because they can make strong connections and automate their outreach efforts. Furthermore, PFL provides your sales team with a framework for sales solutions. This framework helps you in finalizing deals, stalling engagements, personalizing email campaigns, and so on.

  • Smart Rooms Tool: 

Smart Rooms tool will help your sales team to achieve higher sales performance by growth-hacking the experience your business creates for your future as well as present customers. Also, your sales team can use this tool to create guided experiences that will lead to a positive effect on your customer’s buying behavior and trend.

  • VanillaSoft Tool:

This tool helps your sales team to monitor and improve the nature of your sales call with your customers. Also, it assists in reducing lead response time while increasing close efficiency.  Its lead-tracking feature is a great feature to keep a track of your leads and their activities on your sales promotion outreach.

  1. Measuring Sales Performance And Analytics:

Now that your sales team is equipped with the tools to take their sales execution online, the next step is to measure your sales performance and compare it with the desired results. Here data analytics plays a major role. Therefore, you need tools that will help your sales team to analyze the trends of your sales and come up with a suitable action accordingly. Some of the most known and preferred sales analytic tools that you can equip your sales team with are the following-

  • 6sense Tool:

This analytics tool will add a data-driven layer to your sales cycle. As a result, your sales team can unlock and prioritize new prospects across your sales streamline. Furthermore, you can use 6sense’s predictive intelligence analysis to precisely forecast your customer’s purchasing pattern in a particular domain. It is a good tool especially if your sales team is new to the analytics concept. 

  • TrustSphere:

TrustSphere analytics tool provides the businesses with a Relationship Analytics Platform that helps to improve various key business challenges faced by the sales and marketing team mainly. Some of these key challenges include-workforce engagement, sales force effectiveness, sales outreach growth, sales graph comparison, and enterprise-wide collaboration.

  • TopOPPS:

TopOPPS is a great analytics tool for conducting predictive analysis for your sales performance. It helps your sales team to identify and implement the winning sales behavior. Also, TopOPPS helps businesses to increase the accuracy of their sales forecast in the short-run as well as in the long run. It is one of the most recommended tools for analysis of sales forecasting and planning and controlling processes within the organization.

  • SpringML Tool:

This tool brings you the power of machine learning into your sales workflow. This analytics tool will help your sales team to analyze forecasting routes, optimization of sales performance, and growth in sales revenue. This tool blends well with both your sales team as well as the accounting team. The sales team can send the sales revenue date to the accounting team and they will further analyze the sales revenue trends again. After this, the accounting team will get back in touch with the sales team with the analysis report. This will help the sales department to formulate their sales strategies accordingly.


 Use the NeoDove app and portal to connect with your customers. Your sales team just needs to download the app and start calling. You can keep a track of all calls connected, reschedule calls and even all not connected ,busy and unanswered calls gets automatically rescheduled . You can also customize the calling script to enable your sales team to convey the message that you want to the customers. Research indicates call along with a text in form of SMS and whatsapp leads to better sales conversion. NeoDove allows you to do it directly from the app.

3.Fulfiling Social Responsibility And Reopening Of Work Place:

Now your sales team has taken your business’s sales online and is equipped with the best analytics tools to measure your sales trend. The next step is to open your offices. One needs to follow all the government guidelines while opening the corporate spaces because we need to follow social distancing.

Therefore, get only limited staff members in the office and practice hygiene at all times. Your employee’s well-being is as important as much as the value you hold for your customers.

Furthermore, help and get involved with your local community. Become a helping hand, provide basic necessities that people need in this lockdown. This way you will fulfill your social corporate responsibility. Also,  customers will look upon you for the future availability of products and services as well. As a result, you will see a growth in your sales revenue.

Practice hygiene not only in your office but also while dealing with customers outside. Maintain hygiene while delivering any products to them directly or through your local community distributor. This will help you gain a clear image where your customers appreciate the precautions taken by your business while selling and therefore they will come up with their demands and needs again in front of you.

Many businesses focus on being socially responsible because it does affect your sales. Many take it up as a sales strategy to gain more customers and at the same time keep their existing customers intact with their firm.

Therefore adopting above mentioned sales and analytics tools and practicing corporate social responsibility will help you to reshape your sales strategies and come up with confidence in the ‘new normal’.

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