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8 Essential Qualities A Sales Manager Must Have

Published on June 16, 2022
Last modified on May 8, 2023
8 Essential Qualities A Sales Manager Must Have - NeoDove

Why did the sales manager get lost in the forest? Because they couldn’t close the deal with the trees! Jokes aside, being a sales manager is no easy feat. It requires a unique set of skills to motivate a team, build relationships with clients, and drive revenue. 

In fact, according to a recent study, 85% of business owners believe that a good sales manager is critical to the success of their organization. But what exactly makes a great sales manager? 

In this article, we’ll explore the 8 essential qualities that every sales manager should possess to lead their team to success. From communication to motivation, we’ll cover it all, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s get started!


Who is a Sales Manager?

Qualities of sales manager

A sales manager is someone who is responsible for guiding as well as leading a sales team within any business. 

Their other responsibilities lie with setting goals and sales quotas, building sales plans, analyzing data and more. In addition to this, they also oversee sales training and the mentoring of members of their sales team.

Moreover, they also have a say in the hiring and firing process within the sales unit.


Top 5 Responsibilities of a Sales Manager

Sales management plays a key role in the success or failure of any organization.

As such, sales managers must be very clear about their role in the organization. Moreover, they should be well aware of what is to be done in the workplace. To do their job effectively, the role and skills of sales managers play a vital role.

Let’s understand more about the various roles of a sales manager:

1) Meeting sales targets

They are responsible for meeting sales targets via effective planning and budgeting.

2) Brand Promotion

As a sales manager, you are also responsible for brand promotion. It is a sales manager’s duty to make your product popular amongst consumers.

3) Proper supervision of their sales team

In addition to this, they must also make sure that their team is delivering desired results. Supervision plays a key role alongside tracking their performances. An ideal manager should also be a role model for their team members. It’s up to you to set an example and be a source of inspiration for them.

4) Examining insights and analytics

Sales managers must contribute towards growth of the business. One of the main ways to do this is by examining insights and analytics to make data-driven decisions.

5) Managing customer relationships

Alongside selling, sales managers are also responsible for maintaining as well as improving relationships with clients. 

You now have an understanding of the various roles undertaken by a sales manager. Now, let’s examine some skills every sales manager should possess.


5 Skills Every Great Sales Manager Should Have

An exemplary sales manager is able to foster a cooperative and peaceful atmosphere in the workplace. Moreover, they should be equipped with all the skills necessary to motivate their team to achieve set goals.

Let us explore some of the skills that make a great sales manager:

1) Analytical Skills

Sales managers need to be able to analyze and review sales data in order to set sales goals. Additionally, you should also be able to conduct in-depth research of the market to help identify prospects and partnerships.

A sales manager who’s good at managing the sales pipeline can forecast sales team revenue for a specific time-frame based on analytics.

2) Leadership Skills

Being a sales manager means being ready to lead every step of the way. It is your duty to create a healthy workplace atmosphere. 

A good leader stays calm and level headed in stressful situations and helps fellow team members cope with pressure. Moreover, you should be compassionate and understanding towards challenges faced by your employees.

3) Ability to Coach and Motivate Salespeople

Remember your sales record is meaningless if you aren’t able to positively influence your team members’ sales performance. 

An effective sales manager must have an active role in improving the quality of salespeople’s sales process. This can be done by always providing coaching, guidance and support whenever needed.

It’s important that if you are a sales manager, you should keep your team motivated toward their goals. You can do this by organizing activities alongside team-building exercises to push people outside their comfort zones.

4) Great Listening and Communication Skills

All the previous skills are meaningless if a sales manager doesn’t possess the needed communication and interpersonal skills. 

You should be able to convey goals, visions and strategies clearly. This ensures that your employees are aware of what their role is and know what they must do.

To handle various roles like employee mentorship, building customer relationships, managing clients, etc. you must have strong communication skills.

5) Strategic Thinking

A sales manager must be able to think strategically and develop effective sales strategies. They should be able to analyze market trends, identify opportunities for growth, and create action plans to achieve sales goals.

This requires a strong understanding of sales processes, customer behavior, and industry trends. A strategic thinker can anticipate challenges, develop contingency plans, and allocate resources effectively.

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Top 8 Essential Qualities Every Sales Manager Should Have

Sales managers’ responsibilities can sometimes vary based on the size of their organization. 

However, there are some essential qualities every sales manager should aspire to have. They are:

1. A positive outlook

Sales managers need to possess a positive attitude in their workplace. This is so that they can reinforce a positive work environment for their employees. 

A positive outlook is also quite a necessary quality when sales reps don’t make as many sales. After all, it’s up to the sales manager to keep up their sales team’s morale.

2. Be able to motivate others

An ideal sales manager is one who can create unique strategies or develop fun incentives. This skill can prove essential to help motivate employees to meet or even exceed sales goals.

Motivation also involves encouragement as well as recognition. This can be shown via rewards or bonuses to those who make the greatest sales during a specific time frame.

Sales managers could also divide their team into sub-groups. In this way, they’d be able to compete with each other for group rewards alongside fostering teamwork.

3. Be able to execute discipline when necessary

A good sales manager should be able to discipline their employees when needed. Moreover, you should also be able to provide constructive feedback to help them improve.

This influences workplace conduct, and level of productivity and also sets a standard for the rest of the team.

For example, say an employee repetitively took personal calls in place of sales calls. In this situation, appropriate disciplinary action would have to be taken to reprimand them.

4. Be able to empathize

At the end of the day, sales managers are people managers. To be a good sales manager, you should be able to show your employees that you care. The ability to empathize tells them that they are more than just a revenue stream.

Each of your employees is unique. By demonstrating your ability to understand them, you build trust. As a result, this can also increase or further drive their productivity.

5. Be Creative

As a sales manager, you should be able to develop unique selling points (USP) , promotions, sales pitch ideas and more.

Moreover, they should be able to think on their feet and be able to come up with interesting customer incentives as well to drive more sales. For all these reasons, creativity is an important skill to have. 

6. Be transparent with the team

Practicing transparency helps your employees understand the reasons behind certain department activities or specific sales quota expectations.

A sales manager that is transparent about their workplace activities will more easily earn their employee’s trust and respect. This is because they then feel actively valued.

7. Adaptability and openness to continuous learning

In any industry, sales managers should be able to adapt their current strategies based on changes in trends or target markets.

To continuously maintain your knowledge, you should take part in seminars or certification courses. Additionally, you can also read industry magazines to stay up to date. 

8. Be driven to the end goal

A key requirement for all sales managers is to focus on the big picture within their departments. You need to thoroughly think about how current sales activities could end up affecting your long-term sales goals. 

With this in mind, sales managers can then accordingly change motivational incentives and sales quotas to reach these goals.



As you can see, being a sales manager is no walk in the park. 

A sales manager’s job comes with a huge list of responsibilities and they must be ready to fulfil them. They have to be great at identifying quick wins and going for them. These include driving collaboration in strategy development, championing ideas and developing talent – all with a constant eye on exceeding targets.

It requires a multi-faceted individual who must have many essential qualities and skills. With our help, we hope you’ve been able to broaden your understanding of the essential qualities of a sales manager.

5 Skills that make a great Sales Manager


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 The role of a sales manager is to lead a team of sales representatives to meet the company’s revenue targets. Sales managers are responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies, setting goals and quotas, analyzing data, and coaching their team to improve performance. 

Qualifications for a sales manager vary, but typically require a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field. Experience in sales and leadership positions is also necessary, with many employers seeking candidates with a minimum of five years of sales experience and three years of management experience. 

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