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Product Update (December 2020)

Published on December 14, 2020
Last modified on August 4, 2022
Product Update

“To Improve is to change, To be perfect is to change often”

      Winston Churchill

At NeoDove, we are always looking for ways to get you to move faster, get more done, and get more out of each day. We are back again with our series of monthly updates and features.

In this edition of product updates, we have come out with big features that are going to make a real difference to keep your efficiency graph escalating.

  • Integration for moving Leads in different campaigns based on set conditions

For the NeoDove web portal we have brought up this feature, which makes it easy for the users to segregate and manage leads flowing directly from Integrations ( i.e from Facebook Ads or any other external applications) to different campaigns. Making sorting hassle-free all you need to do is add properties and cond  itions on the basis of which you would like to sort and name the campaign in which you would like to redirect. 

  • Quicksight Analytics

Understanding Analytics and studying reports have always been difficult if one needs to excavate data. Making it easier for our users to understand their statistics we have come-up with Quicksight Analytics on the NeoDove portal.

An easy, efficient and one of the most handy ways to study your data based on time conditions,campaigns filters and user history. Explore the dashboard, understand your statistics and work accordingly.

  • Minimize Lead to search or explore other options without taking a break

Exploring options across the NeoDove applications was somewhere difficult if the user was in the middle of a Lead. Making it easier for users to explore and add leads while in engagement with other leads, We have added a feature to minimize the Lead window and explore in the NeoDove mobile application. This way users can search on the spot, explore other options and add leads without the need to dispose of the lead or taking an untimely break.

  • Lead History Details in Capture info form 

Understanding that it is important to know the Lead details if your user has contacted him before in any case. Making it easier for our users, we have added Lead History details directly in the Capture information form. Now, whenever any user contacts a Lead and if the Lead was previously connected or reached out, all the History Details will be visible to the user assisting and helping the user to have an idea of if the prospect was interested and his chances to get converted.


  • Relevant Tags for Lead schedule status

Making it easy for the user to connect to the Lead, for any Leads that were not-connected in the past due to any reason, NeoDove application re-schedules the Lead. To help the user distinguish between  a fresh Lead with the one that was not connected earlier even if the user tried calling, we have added Relevant Tags. This will not only help the user distinguish the Lead but will also help me understand better.


That’s from us in this edition of product update. Do let us know which features you would like to come up with.

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