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New Product Updates

Published on April 18, 2020
Last modified on June 19, 2020

March has been an unprecedented month for all of us. We all are facing challenging times. At NeoDove we hope we can give you a little bit of comfort in this new normal by bringing out changes that would help your team be more productive and get more done at work.

This month we have released features that will help you to make effective business decisions and at the same time functionalities that are highly time-saving. 

Bulk Upload Users Now there is no need to fill data of users one by one. You can simply download the sample CSV file. Fill the columns with the User name, Mobile number, password and upload it. Voila it’s done! Isn’t it simple. 

Populate last form Response–   Worrying about what was spoken to your prospect when called last? No longer. The last form response is automatically populated to let you know what all information you have captured about the prospect. You can take forward your call from where you have left without the need for the prospect repeating everything again. Only the last response sheet will populate up.

Download and Upload lead file– You can now download the lead file to know the status of each of your leads- Approved, Assigned leads, duplicates. For example, you have uploaded 6000 leads but out of which only 5800 gets assigned. You can now download and check the status of each lead to know which has been assigned and which has got rejected. In case you have uploaded some wrong lead sheet, now you can even delete them from your campaign by clicking on remove leads from the file. Of course, you can delete only those leads on which no call has taken place.

Download all leads of the campaign- New feature to help you know the exact status of every lead in your campaign- connected, pending, closed in Real time.  This will help you to know the quality of your database and also measure the productivity of your team.

Show campaign of users Now you can know in which all campaigns your user is assigned. This will help you to know the workload of each user and plan accordingly.

 Reassign leads to other users Don’t worry about leads anymore when your users go on leave or quit the company. You can now simply assign those leads to other users and your sales call can continue smoothly. Just go to the User tab and click on the 3 round dots against the user name whose leads you want to reassign. Click on the Reassigned leads and click on the Username whom you want to reassign

My Report Feature This is a new inbuilt feature in the app. You can select the data range and now know the time of your login, hours spent on calling, number of breaks,how many calls attempted, calls connected, average time spent on call and so on.

Feedback feature Now you can send feedback about the features/usability of the app directly from the app itself. Your feedback will help us to improvise further and thrive to give you a seamless experience.

New Filters in User Report Now you can see consolidated reports of the users. You just need to go to reports , select the date range and select the User. You can get  campaign wise reports- Total calls attempted, connected,total login time, total talk time and also the first login. This will help you to monitor the user’s productivity. 

New Filters in campaign report–  Now in the report section, you can pull out data campaign wise. I just need to select the date range and the campaign names. Will come to know Total call attempted, calls connected, total call time and etc. This will let me know which campaigns are taking more time or in which campaign we are in talks with prospects and prioritize the user to call accordingly.

New App setting features Now under the app setting features, you can actually control and decide the duration between two calls or enable automatic call dialing facility after how many seconds. You can even do this for all your call settings. You can customize it the way you want.

 What’s more?

At NeoDove , we are working relentlessly to ensure we give you the best experience. Let us know what you want us to feature in our next update and we will do that for you.


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