All of us at NeoDove know that these are challenging times. We know how important it is for our users to be able to make quick decisions and be updated in the changing business scenario. As much as social distancing is important during these crucial times we also know how important it is for you to stay up to date with all your team’s tasks and activities . At NeoDove, we have your back. We are working as hard as our frontline warriors to give you a little bit of comfort by delivering our product update to help you achieve more from the comfort of your home.

As per usual, we’ll walk you through everything that’s new across the NeoDove product. 

1.Campaign Priority Feature

Now you can add priority to the campaign. You can choose from Highest, High, Medium to the lowest to know which campaign requires more attention at your end. All you have to do is while entering the basic details about the campaign, click on the priority button, and select the priority option from the list that you want to assign.


2.Auto-assign executives to the Campaign

Now if your lead file has the name of executives assigned, it would automatically be assigned to the  campaign without having to first add the executive to the campaign and then assign leads to him


3.Restrictions on data visible to Manager

Now your manager can only get access to reports both at Campaign and User level only for the campaign which he is assigned or his team is assigned. Only the admin gets the holistic report of all the campaigns of the organization.


4.WhatsApp for Business

Now you can choose to send a message to your customers from Whatsapp Business account or Personal account whichever is applicable from your mobile app.

5.Add Campaign wise lead assignment.


Now you can reassign leads to a user at the campaign level. Just click on the user.

Click on the three dots and click on the reassign button. The campaign button shows all the campaigns that the user was assigned to. Select the campaign and now select the user whom you want to assign the leads to.


Next steps

As usual we will be bringing in more new features . Stay tuned !