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Best lead conversion strategies in 2022

Published on December 3, 2021
Last modified on May 17, 2022
lead conversion strategies

Lead conversion refers to the marketing process of changing leads in customers who buy from your brand. The main aim of generating leads is to convert them into loyal customers who repeatedly buy something from the brand and are invested in their marketing programs. 

Leads are generated from the marketing programs, ads and social media posts of the brand. Once a significant number of leads are generated, and their information is gatherer, leads are automatically converted into customers. 


Simple and effective lead conversion strategies:

1. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the budding and most effective lead conversion strategies that help spread relevant information about the product and educate your leads. It serves to connect your leads and customers while you make them aware of how your brand is different from others and the salient features of your products. 

When finalising the content strategy for your brand, remember you have a clear call to action that forces the leads to click or respond to your content. Ensure that the content is engaging and holds the attention of the visitors. Engaging content should be interesting while being informative. It should promote the audience to leave a like to interact with the writer. 

Last but not the least, use SEO strategies for your content to make it more accessible on the internet. When utilised properly, SEO strategies inform search bots from search engines that the webpage has the relevant information that users may need. Once proven, the bot displays your content to the user. Without using such SEO strategies, you will be at the mercy of Google’s algorithm and receive low traffic. 


2. Social media

Well, you must have guessed this lead generation strategy for sure. Promote your brand on social media, as this is what every other brand is doing. If you do not have a page dedicated to your brand on different social media platforms, you are already missing out on one of the best lead generation platforms.

Companies that use social media platforms for lead generation achieve better results than companies that don’t. Social media is a great medium for generating awareness and interacting with your leads. It builds a dedicated community for the brand advocates of values and principles that the brand represents.

Let’s discuss some tips and strategies to generate more leads once you have a business page on social media. Include hashtags as they are an integral part of social media. Many critics will argue that the value of hashtags is stepping down. It is truly difficult to answer that question with proof. So it is better to use dedicated hashtags that describe your brand and content. 

Focus on content analytics as it will help you to calculate your lead conversion rate. For this purpose, you can calculate it using the lead conversion rate formula. This rate tells you how many leads are created out of all the people who come to your website or on your social media. 

Also, remember that not all of your content is focused on marketing or discussing your products and services. The major share of posts should be focused on the users and different aspects of their life. You could also report user-generated content. For this, you can collaborate with influencers and content creators who are interested in using your product. 


3. Email marketing

Email marketing might not be as successful in generating successful leads for certain business brands and companies. But it is the chief marketing strategy for retaining customers and keeping them engaged. Email marketing performed quite well in its heyday but soon was hijacked by the spam mailers who ruined this medium. But the effectiveness of spam filters has reinvented this medium. 

Email marketing is not as easy as you think. There goes a lot into writing an email that has a high lead conversion rate. Yet, email marketing today is seen as a way of regularly keeping in touch with your leads and letting them know of the new marketing strategies like webinars, offers, discounts, new season products, etc. It should have a hook, focus on the customers’ needs, and target the right group.

You can choose from many different types of emails, like simple emails that are short and crisp. Such emails have an offer or a deal that is enough to get the audience to respond. Apart from these, there could be personalised emails with the reader’s name and details from their buying patterns or other features of interest. 


4. PPC ads

Contrary to public belief, strategically placed paid ads help people find what they have been searching for. For an effective lead generation strategy, you have to invest in pay per click ads. The name refers to the payment style where you have to pay the ad platform every time someone clicks on your ads. As they click, they are directed either to your website or to your online store. 

Unlike other lead generation strategies, you would have to spend a significant amount of money driving your site’s web traffic through PPC ads. But it is impossible to leave it out because it successfully increases the traffic on your website and generates many leads. 

When planning an ad strategy, there are some points that you need to keep in mind. Make ads that are difficult to look over and post on sites your target group frequently visits. Make use of keywords and short, simple sentences to speak to the point. Include incentives and offers in your ads to promote the users to check out your website. 



So we discussed some of the major lead conversion strategies that proved to be successful in 2021. All the mentioned strategies have different benefits and use. When including them in your marketing strategy, make sure to adapt them according to your brand so that it appears to be well aligned, fresh and unique in the eyes of your target group.

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