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Krish Group increased their Hot Lead Conversion Rate by 5X with NeoDove

About Krish Group

Krish Group holds a distinguished position amongst the top real estate development groups in North India. They are known for their impeccable quality in constructing residential complexes, commercial and shopping centers in Bhiwadi NCR. With around 9.4 lac sq. ft. of commercial and residential spaces covered, they are growing fast with their innovative designs, well-planned amenities, and a strong commitment to deadlines.

Challenges Faced

Prior to using NeoDove, it was challenging for the group to monitor the performance of the team of tele-callers. Given their huge number, maintaining a high degree of clarity on how many calls were attempted, how many were actually connected, were follow-ups being done regularly, and whether or not the status of each lead was tracked correctly and on a timely basis, was very difficult.

The limitations in reporting resulted in incomplete insights on lead management and team performance. This in turn resulted in less-informed decisions. 

How NeoDove Helped

A unified platform to manage leads: With NeoDove’s web portal, all the leads were accumulated in one place and allotted to executives on time.

Monitoring and Reporting: The performance status of each executive, both in-office and work from home, was updated on a real-time basis ensuring efficient monitoring and reporting.

Automated and Progressive Dialing: With the help of NeoDove’s progressive dialer, executives were able to achieve their daily call targets.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers did not end at a call. Executives reached out to prospects and customers on other communication channels as well, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email with just one touch.

Constant Support: It took only a few minutes to set up NeoDove. Given its simplicity and ease of use, executives were able to get acquainted with it in no time. Prompt and constant support was provided in case of any queries or issues.


With the successful implementation of NeoDove, Krish Group was able to:

Increase total lead interaction


Increase the number of hot leads generated by


Increase hot lead conversion ratio by




“Our experience with NeoDove has been really nice. The best thing about the product is the ease of use also the UI. It’s been some time since we have been using it and the Team at NeoDove is also quite supportive” 

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