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Importance of Follow Up in Sales

Published on November 8, 2021
Last modified on November 11, 2021
Importance of follow up

No matter what type of business you are running, you must know the prospect customers think four times or say no 4 times before saying yes to buy your goods or services. This kind of scenario usually takes place when salespeople do not follow up after-sales. 

Following up with prospects or an existing customer is an important aspect of a business to grow or survive in the market. Most organizations fail to understand its importance or even neglect implementing this sales technique, but one must know it is a step towards the success of a business. 

Here in this article, we will explain to you the detailed review of the after sales follow up process. 


What is the after-sales follow-up process? 

The after-sales follow-up process starts when a salesperson contacts customers after a successful sale to achieve the below-stated goals:

Importance of follow up

Helps in making the customer feels valued 

By following up with a customer after-sales will not make them feel like they are just a sales addition in their business or a name in the sales list. Instead, it makes them feel they are important to you and you genuinely want your products or services to help them. 

Over time, this process helps in building trust and better customer relationships that open the doors of opportunities for resales or generating leads from existing customers. 


Ensures customer’s needs are met 

This is sure that customers may have shared some pain points, which are solved by your products or services. So communicating with customers after sales helps you to know whether the customer’s needs are satisfied or not with the help of goods or services you have offered them for sales. 

Also, following up helps your customers to know that you are really helpful in taking care of their pain points. 


Answering customers’ questions

Even when sales take place, there are many chances that customers may come across some queries or raise unexpected questions. So when a salesperson follows up, it allows customers to get their queries solved or get the right answers to their questions. 


Understanding how you can provide further service to your customers 

When a salesperson follows up or builds a relationship with customers, they always look for opportunities that would help a business to offer further services to them. 


How do sales follow up Impact customers? 

Following up by a business is not only an exercise for a business, but it is a proven and effective tool that shows great experience for both customer and business. 

Here are a few points that describe how following up impacts the customers: 


It allows a customer to show that business cares for them and they matter a lot

When there are long hold call timings, or talking to rude representatives or calling the business constantly, definitely, offers a terrible customer experience

Sadly, there are rare companies in the market that show customers really matter to them and put above and beyond measures to make them feel they genuinely care. 

By going the extra mile for customers to follow up, always listen, readily answer their questions, help them when they need it, makes them feel cared for. With a salesperson, they should not feel like they are just another number. They must feel they are valued. 


Customers become more open to suggestions 

When a business follows up with customers, they show interest by communicating actively and ensuring all their needs are met and a salesperson is ready to solve their problems. 

In today’s sales environment, when there are standard businesses that only provide annoying and negative experiences, a business that is more open to suggestions stands out as a source of genuine help to customers’ needs. 

Being recognized as you are genuinely invested in the well being of the customer gives a positive impact on customers, 


Customers start to trust business and offer referral business 

When a business invests ethically and positively in serving the needs of the customers, not only does the business build trust but they are building relationships with customers’ families, friends, and more. With effective follow-up, a business is opening doors to get more sales through references. 

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What are the aspects of an effective follow-up after-sales strategy? 

It is essential to know key aspects that show effective follow up after sales strategy: 


1. Know customer’s preferred contact methods

Before a business sets out to contact a customer after sals for follow-up, it is important to know how the customer wishes to be contacted. 


2. Thanking customers 

A foundation of follow-up is heartfelt gratitude. Above all, you should make your customer feel valued and assured they are being given gratitude. 


3. Asking questions and actively listening 

Follow-up is a great and perfect tool to get feedback from customers. Asking questions and actively listening to customers’ needs is a key aspect of an after-sales follow-up strategy. 


Final Verdict 

While you know all the above important points for follow-up in sales, you must know how to get the right tool to make the strategy effective. 

NeoDove provides you with one unified platform for your sales engagement activities including following up with customers to ensure a proactive relationship. 

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