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How Work From Home Will Become The Norm For SMBs Post Corona Virus?

Published on March 30, 2020
Last modified on March 10, 2022
work from home

The world will witness some massive changes post the corona virus crisis. These changes will affect many aspects of human life. One very tangible aspect will be working from home (WFH) culture which is the only drive that is keeping the world economy going at this moment. The concept of working from home or telecommuting has been around for quite some time now. And it is a familiar concept among the small and midsize businesses(MSMEs).

Technology and high-speed internet have allowed many businesses to hire employees and has also  helped in remote working, without the need for any physical office. Some innovative companies like the tech unicorn Gitlab have 1000+ employees operating remotely around 45+ countries without any physical location. Even other disruptive tech companies like Trello, Basecamp, Github, WordPress, and Zapier have been implementing the remote working policy since launch. Remote working allows businesses, especially the Small and Medium Businesses SMBs to capitalize on high-end technologies and attract and retain top talents from around the world.

Based on remote working statistics 82% of businesses in India are using flexible workspace policies to attract and retain top talent. Taking all of these into consideration, WFH is no longer looked at as a trend or just a transition period during the crises. It was a norm for a few but now it will be for many!

For Indian SMBs, whether bootstrappers or venture capitalists, WFH should be a necessity with the escalating expenses of the Office set up,business environment, time wasted for employees to commute, increased overhead costs and the millennials’ demand for flexible work arrangements since they count up as most of today’s workforce. 

So yes, in order to be competitive, future-proof, reduce costs, increase employee productivity, well-being and retention, they should consider smart working which can definitely be achieved through virtual working. 

But how can SMBs in India brand themselves as one of those cutting-edge remote hiring entrepreneurial businesses?

Start with the right infrastructure. Provide your team with adequate devices and with valid technology. Here are some tools that your business can rely on:

To connect and collaborate: Teamviewer, PukkaTeam, Google Hangouts

For chatting and updates: Slack, Rocket Chat, and Mattermost 

For Project Management: Google Docs, Basecamp, Dropbox, Trello, and Zendesk

For your sales team and data protection: NeoDove!

It is an end-to-end tech-enabled sales automation platform, offering solutions for outbound calls, inbound marketing, data management, and reengagement strategies. The platform can help the sales team of businesses of any scale and size, call recording,maximize their calling output, record detailed information about prospects, view communication history, schedule tasks, assign leads to other sales reps, and maintain follow-ups. And it offers a wide range of customization options to increase the overall productivity.

SMB employees can easily access the platform from any location and at any given time. It helps businesses be more organized and productive, by offering more transparency and control over the communication process. And it allows performance measurement of employees with real-time insights. NeoDove can be integrated with various social media channels and listing platforms. And it is AI-enabled to ensure maximum efficiency.

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