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How Whatsapp Business Is Used By Different Industries in 2022

Published on June 15, 2022
Last modified on July 28, 2022
Whatsapp business uses

With more than 180 billion active users across 180 countries, unleashing over 60 billion messages every day. Single messaging App. 

The way this app has become famous among every one of us has just one most important reason behind it-” simplicity”.

With time, WhatsApp has diversified itself in various domains and one of them is WhatsApp Business.


Why WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business was introduced to the market back in 2018. The app was developed and dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. From disseminating product information, as a follow-up to offering customer service, WhatsApp is the go-to tool nowadays to engage effectively and efficiently with customers. 

For example, the travel aggregator MakeMyTrip uses WhatsApp for solving refund and ticket-related issues. According to Saujanya Shrivastava, Group CMO by using WhatsApp, the company has been able to reduce 15% refund-related calls to customer care centers.

Another classic example is the food delivery company Swiggy. They use it to inform customers about the status of their order. 


WhatsApp Business Metrics

A recent survey has indicated that 98% of customers prefer communication through WhatsApp over traditional SMS or e-mail because of the better user experience as compared to traditional SMS. BookMyShow – an entertainment booking portal is gearing up to add customer support directly via WhatsApp to share relevant content to users based on their specific interests.

The USP of Fishappy is home delivery of fish from selected vendors. They use WhatsApp extensively to show customers videos of live fish, select what they want and type in their orders- all from WhatsApp. Partha Kundu, Fishappy signed up for WhatsApp in 2015 and since then the business has exploded. Many small businesses across the world find WhatsApp as a befitting tech platform for scaling up their business.


Some use cases for different industries


1. WhatsApp Business in Automotive Industry

India stands in one of the top 5 auto markets in the world with a great market size. While moving towards a customer-centric market, it is adding up features that provide flexibility to them, one of the major support in this direction has been provided by WhatsApp Business. 

How? By creating a memorable buying experience.

When a customer is delighted and interested in buying a car the company here is looking for productivity in conversation with the customer. 

There are many stages of the purchase process, from expressing interest to test drives to personalizing models and finally the wait between the order and the delivery, during this whole long process if anytime in between the conversation gets hindered the interest of the customer gets lost which WhatsApp business prevents with its simple and convenient features.

From scheduling a customer test drive with the customers, sharing videos related to personalization, and updating the customers with an order status of the car each and everything can be conveyed to the customer via WhatsApp business which provides the business with the facility to have two-way communication with the customer.

Driving customer loyalty through convenience always helps. It is always said a sales process never ends with the customer getting the product, it continues till the customer’s lifetime. Customer loyalty is a very important thing especially when there is a lot of competition present in the market.

To get the customers’ loyalty, a long-term relationship with the customer becomes essential and herein WhatsApp business proves to be an effective go-to tool for the automotive sector.

For example, from inception alerts to appointment reminders to customer query resolution to even appointments for servicing and repairs everything can be taken up on WhatsApp which improves the efficiency of the business as well as customer satisfaction.

Enhancing the fandom has its own perks. It’s not a new thing that automobiles drive fandom among its customers, people go crazy for their favorite models and WhatsApp business helps the businesses and customers to form WhatsApp groups wherein their customers get the opportunity to discuss it, gain insights as to what new features are added up and with all this, it helps the business to release some promotional offers to bring customers on board. Last but not least it helps businesses to build long-term relationships with customers.  


2. WhatsApp Business For Real Estate

WhatsApp Business has also benefited the real estate market to a great extent. Buying a property has never been so easy for anybody, customers research a lot before purchasing one and while he is interested in your property but since you could not follow up properly with him the deal goes off from your hand. Imagine the level of frustration you will go through.

To solve this problem WhatsApp business has helped the real estate business in various aspects.


Sale of property:

While you are using WhatsApp business for the promotion of a property, through various options of sharing (photo, video, audio) you have the opportunity to convince the customer that yes this property is for him! 

From detailed specifications to general marketing, WhatsApp business allows the customer to get information very easily. After all, this is done by you, deals can also be finalized via WhatsApp business.


Promotion on other social media sites:

WhatsApp business has the facility of sharing messages from WhatsApp to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So while you are having personalized communication relating to a property via WhatsApp with one customer you can also target a mass audience by just sharing your WhatsApp business content to other accounts.

Many real estate agents/brokers use WhatsApp to live chat with buyers, exchange information with other professionals, answer questions in real-time, send reminders, and more. Besides, WhatsApp can be easily used on a desktop PC if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone.


3. WhatsApp Business in Education Sector

While WhatsApp business has become an effective tool for communication in various industries, the education sector is not behind in this domain. It has also gained a lot from the same.

Student Recruitment:

While parents are looking up for the best place for their children they also want to have a one on one conversation with the institute so that they could understand the place better. 

What can be done here is, with the WhatsApp business number posted on websites these people get access to connect with institutes directly and have personalized communication. This way a business owner also gets a fair chance to put up his point. Communication hindrances which were a major issue for institutes have been resolved by just adding WhatsApp business into the picture.


Enrollment and Admission Notifications:

When it comes to the selection and admission process there is a lot of anxiety and confusion which goes on among institutes and students especially related to the results, the number of seats available, the admission procedure, etc.

WhatsApp Business aims at removing these confusions. To provide proper information to the students all the registered numbers can automatically receive regular updates as to the whole admission process and this way the efficiency of the work is maintained.


Fee Reminders:

Fees payment is yet another issue that is faced by educational institutes. Due to barriers of communication, proper reminders are not received by the parents or guardians, and again productivity decreases.

With WhatsApp Business, automatic reminders can be received by the students and parents, improving transparency among the two parties. Along with these, the WhatsApp business is also a great platform for student FAQs and query resolution.

With all these industry examples it is clear that WhatsApp for Business has been very useful for the industries and improves a lot on communication issues that are faced by the businesses.

From big companies to small startups every business is understanding the importance of a good communication tool like WhatsApp for business.

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NeoDove’s WhatsApp Integration

NeoDove understands the importance of using WhatsApp and has integrated it with their tool to enable their users to directly interact with their customers. Now there is no need to navigate among tools. 

Even without adding the prospect number in the contact book, the telesales can send WhatsApp messages directly from the app. The best part – all these messages can be standardized from the web portal to ensure uniform communication to all customers.



WhatsApp business is very useful for micro and small businesses who aggressively use this platform to communicate with their customers but also can be leveraged by large enterprises for customer support and experience.

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