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How To Start A Sales Pitch (Best Ways)

Published on October 19, 2021
Last modified on March 22, 2022
how to start a sales pitch

When it comes to a sales pitch, you must know it can either break the deal or make the deal. 

Your sales pitch is as important as closing the deal.

It is important to nail down the sales pitch before you meet your customer. Your sales pitch is the first thing that your client will hear from you, and don’t forget the first impression is the last impression. So make a creative and excellent sales pitch that attracts your customers. 

Before we get into details about how to start a sales pitch, let us learn what it is and how to make it effective.


What is a sales pitch? 

A sales pitch is well known as a condensation sales presentation where every detail of the business, like product details, benefits of business, and more are explained thoroughly. Ideally, a sales pitch has to be just for one or two minutes. 

It is commonly known as an elevator pitch because it is usually presented within a certain time limit and on a single elevator ride. 

They are known as elevator pitches for many reasons, however, many people get confused between a sales pitch and a product pitch, but in reality, they are not the same, whereas there is not much difference between the two. 

In a product pitch, the salespeople emphasize more on the product or service offered by the company, whereas in a sales pitch, the company focuses more on the company’s background and benefits. 

If a salesperson nails the sales pitch, they can anytime take the conversation down the line. 

A sales pitch is all about focusing more on the wide range of services offered by the company, and a product pitch is about focusing on a particular product.

For example, if your company is selling a CRM, it is going to be explained in a sales pitch, on the other hand, if a company is selling an accounting tool, then this has to be explained in the product pitch. 

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How to start a sales pitch? 

When it is about starting a sales pitch, it is one of the hardest parts of the sales process. You need to grab the attention of your customer so that they are ready to hear more about the business, but before you start the conversation, you need to hook the prospect. 

While you start your sales pitch, make sure you integrate the following essential elements into it: 

  • Start the pitch with the problem

    Before you start explaining how your business can solve the solution, always know the pain of the client and start the pitch with the problem. They surely don’t want to hear how your business can solve their problem, instead, they first want to know you understand their pain and are willing to solve it. 


  • Customize the starting sales pitch vertically

    No client wants to hear the same or common pitch that may every business use, so it is important to tailor the pitch. You must research a bit and know the requirements of the clients and then prepare a sales pitch accordingly. 


  • Provide stakes

     If the customer is not willing to use your solution for your problems, then what are they losing? You don’t have to state that at the starting of the sales pitch. So offering stakes is important. 

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Here we are going to share some sales or product pitch methods and great ideas to start a sales pitch. Always remember if you are providing a sales pitch via email, stick to one or two lines. If verbal, use the following methods in 20 to 30 seconds. 

Start the pitch with a personal anecdote 

One must start the sales pitch with the best knowledge you have. Starting a sales pitch has to be focused solely on personal anecdotes which help in speaking with authenticity and empathy. 

For example, you can start with how the product has benefited you, instead of focusing primarily on the product’s features. You must know customers don’t care about the product unless they know how it can solve the problem. 

A personal anecdote has to be focused more on how a product can solve the problem by emphasizing the problem. 


Ask the questions that are related to problem a business can solve 

The most common method to start a sales pitch is asking questions that are relatable to the problems of the client. While one asks questions at the start of a sales pitch, it is considered to be the most effective way to start the pitch. Again, the questions must focus on the problem. 

You must stick to yes or no questions and tailor the questions in regards to the problem of the client and business. While you ask questions, you must know what kind of industry you need to focus on, if you are talking to a real estate firm, a question like how to manage fraud customers is the perfect example of questions that you must start your conversation with. 


Start with stats that resonates 

If you start the sales pitch with a stat, they are more effective than other ways and it has to resonate with the audience. Using statistics is not a big deal instead it allows for better conversation. 

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How to make a sales pitch? 

Here are few tips that you must consider while you make a sales pitch: 

  • It is important to create a short and crisp sales pitch, by this you won’t be taking the patience and time of the customer. 
  • Your sales pitch has to be on point and clean. Do not manipulate things and be clear about what you are telling. 
  • You must give your customers a perspective about whom you are selling the products or services already. 
  • You must explain all solutions you have solved so far and how your products have solved the major pain points of business. 
  • Show the benefits of your product or services with a broader view. 


Final Verdict 

Before you make a sales pitch, it is important to know the right way to start and its elements. With a versatile platform like NeoDove, you get pre-configured logical scripts that you can use to communicate with your prospects. 

You also get the option of a multi-lingual interface that allows you to communicate in different languages. 

Get sales-ready with an effective sales strategy with NeoDove to nail the next sales pitch. 

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