Did you know that customer experience is directly affected by the performance of telecallers? Moreover, their performance is the key brand differentiator for any business.

Customer experience is the battlefield of this era and customer service is the key that drives any business towards the victory of this battle. 


How can you improve your telecallers’ performance?

By constantly measuring and improving the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your telecallers, with solid and reliable metrics that affect customer satisfaction and employee retention. 

What are the KPIs to consider?

1. The Conversion Rate

How many calls have your telecallers been making per day and how many of them were successful? It’s important to track the number of calls to understand the conversion rate. 

NeoDove helps you track the total number of calls, the calls that had been connected and not connected, the calls that had been rescheduled, etc. Measuring all of this gives you a better picture of both your leads and the performance of your telecaller

2. Number of Calls Assigned Per Telecaller

This metric tracks the efficiency of your telecallers. Telecallers who are motivated to make more calls will increase the success rate of the campaign’s effort. 

NeoDove helps you keep a real-time track of your telecallers’ efficiency based on the work allocated to them. And with the “tags” feature, you can track how many warm, hot and cold leads each telecaller is handling.

Also, NeoDove comes with an automated dialer that optimizes the efficiency of the telecallers and shortens the time consumed to make calls.

3. Average Call Abandonment Rate

This number indicates the number of callers that hang up before being connected to any of the call centre agents. The average call abandonment rate is a major factor in assessing the performance of your telecalling team and it also gives you an indication of customer satisfaction.

4. Average Handle/Talk Time

This is the average time spent by a telecaller to complete an interaction with a customer to achieve a conversion. Keep in mind that the longer the pitch, the lower the success rate.

NeoDove helps you build customizable scripts that allow your telecaller to stick to the essentials and obtain relevant customer information. 

5. Closure Rate

This rate indicates the number of leads that were closed compared to the total number of targeted prospects. 

NeoDove helps you keep track of the closure rate along with the information regarding which telecaller helped close deals. 

6. Call Quality Analysis

It’s a straightforward metric that measures the level of customer satisfaction with a product, service, or interaction. The easiest way to gather this information is by getting customer feedback through surveys.

With a sales engagement tool like NeoDove, you can easily keep track of metrics that you need to consider for strategic business success. These metrics will help you gain powerful insights that will help you improve the level and quality of service that your telecallers provide to your audience.

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Why is NeoDove the right software to monitor your outbound call metrics?

Without the right tool, your monitoring strategy will not be as efficient as it should be. NeoDove serves as the right call centre management software because: 

  • It can be tailored based on the size, scale, and needs of your business.
  • It can be easily accessed from any mobile device.
  • It guarantees paramount security and privacy of your data.
  • Users can access the platform based on the hierarchy of each user, therefore each user will have his own credentials to access the customized information.
  • It provides you with the metrics that you need to assess the performance of your telecallers, leads and most importantly, the performance of your sales overall. 

There’s a lot more that NeoDove provides making it easier for you to manage your sales and your telecalling team’s performance. See how NeoDove can get your telecalling team sales-ready

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What is telecalling?

Telecalling is the process of directly marketing products or services to potential customers over the telephone or the Internet. 

What is a telecaller?

Put simply, they are the people who initiate contact with leads, prospects and customers over a phone in order to drive sales.