How To Measure Your Telecallers Performance?

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How To Measure Your Telecallers Performance?

What is the key brand differentiator?’What is the meaning of Customer is the king?’ In simple terms providing best Customer experience! Customer experience is the battlefield of this era and customer service is the key that drives any business towards the victory of this battle.

How can your business win this battle?

By constantly measuring and improving the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your telecallers, with solid and reliable metrics that affect customer satisfaction and employee retention. With NeoDove telecalling software you can easily keep track of selective metrics that you need to consider for strategic business success and that will help you gain powerful insights to improve the level and quality of service that your team provides.

What are the KPIs to consider?

  1. The Conversion Rate:

How many calls have your agent been making per day and how many of them were successful? NeoDove telecalling software helps you track the percentage of calls that resulted in a successful conversion rate, whether achieved sales goal, survey questions answered or even appointments made.

  1. Calls Per Agent:

This metric tracks the efficiency of your agents, agents who are motivated to make more calls will increase the success rate of the campaign’s effort. NeoDove helps you by keeping a real-time track of your employee’s efficiency based on the work allocated to them. And with the tags feature you can track how many warm, hot and cold leads each employee is handling.

NeoDove has an automated dialer feature that optimizes the efficiency of agents and shortens the time consumed to make calls manually.

  1. Average Call Abandonment Rate:

This number indicates the number of callers that hang up before being connected to any of the call center agents. The average call abandonment rate is a major factor in assessing the performance of your team and it also gives you an indication of customer satisfaction.

  1. Average Handle/Talk Time:

This is the average time spent by a telecaller to complete an interaction with a customer to achieve a conversion. Keep in mind that the longer the pitch, the lower the success rate.

  1. Average Hold Time:

With automated dialing systems, customers are sometimes stuck on hold waiting to be connected to a live tele seller to buy a product or a service. With NeoDove you can keep track of the number of prospects waiting for too long and who can result in an increase in the number abandonment calls and reduce the profitability of the campaign.

  1. Closure Rate:

This rate indicates the number of leads that were closed compared to the total number of targeted prospects. NeoDove helps you keep track of the closure rate along with information regarding which agent helps in closing the leads. A low closure rate might indicate cold leads or even bad numbers.

  1. Call Quality Analysis:

It’s a straightforward metric that measures the level of customer satisfaction with a product, service or interaction. The easiest way to gather this information is by getting customer feedback through surveys.

Why is NeoDove the right software to monitor your outbound call metrics?

Without the right tool, your monitoring strategy will not be as efficient as it should be and NeoDove telecalling  software is the right software for your business because:

  • NeoDove can be tailored based on the size, scale and needs of your business
  • NeoDove can be easily accessed from any mobile device
  • Paramount security and privacy of your data is guaranteed
  • NeoDove provides 24-hour customer support in various languages
  • Users can access the platform based on the hierarchy of each user, therefore each user will have his own credentials to access the customized information
  • A detailed demonstration of the platform will be provided before investing in the software

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