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How To Manage Healthcare Sales And Boost Your Business

Published on August 19, 2022
Last modified on August 19, 2022
How to manage healthcare sales and boost efficiency l NeoDove

Healthcare – an industry dedicated to providing medical care to individuals and communities.

Do you want to know how to get the most out of your healthcare sales?

With the need to manage patient care and develop new medicines, the healthcare sector is growing at a rapid rate. In such times, newer technology is being used within the industry to boost sales.

In this article, we’ll look at how to better manage your healthcare sales cycle. Alongside this, we’ll also examine some tips to be successful in the industry.

What Is A Sales Cycle?

The 7 Stages of sales cycle l NeoDove

A sales cycle refers to the sequential process used by salespeople to turn leads into customers. It helps you always know your next move as well as the status of your lead within the cycle.

Most importantly, your sales cycle helps you locate areas of improvement and how to repeat your success.

Why Is Managing Your Healthcare Sales Cycle Important ?

Structured sales cycle management is vital to how your team functions. Through a well-defined sales cycle, sales reps can effectively reach your target audience.

In the healthcare industry, your sales cycle is even more important. This is because healthcare sales need an alternate approach compared to general sales. Here, your reps must act in a consultant-like manner rather than direct sales.

Having a fine-tuned and well structured sales cycle for your prospects makes the purchasing process much easier. Moreover, you can make your clients feel more at ease by simplifying your sales cycle. 

Everything You Need To Know About Healthcare Sales Cycle Management 

Here’s some key information about sales cycle management you should be aware of:

1) Creating a Customer Persona

Creating Customer Persona l NeoDove

Prior to creating your optimum sales cycle, you must first understand exactly who your customers are. Don’t waste time selling your products to the wrong individuals.

Instead, take some time to identify who your target customers are. Create a customer persona/ profile. Here, you can lay out all the characteristics that make up your ideal customer. 

Take a look at the clients you currently have. This allows you to get a great idea of the clients you want to target. Examine and identify the people you sell to the most. In addition to this, find out which clients are best served by your product.

Remember that it’s possible for your product to attract different types of customers. As such, you’ll have to create personas for each individual type. 

Common questions that your customer persona must answer:

  • What is your customer’s motivation?
  • Who’s the final decision maker in your client’s company?
  • What are your customer’s pain points?
  • How did your customer find out about your business?

Being in healthcare sales involves deeply understanding your clients and their specific needs. As a result, by knowing more about them, you can build a sales cycle that satisfies these needs.

2) Mapping Out Your Customer’s Journey

A customer journey follows the multiple touchpoints your customer encountered with your product. As a result, it’s useful for identifying pain points. This in turn allows you to improve and develop your sales cycle. 

Furthermore, mapping out your customer’s journey provides you with perspective to best streamline the sales process.

You can even use customer feedback to create a representation of your customer’s journey. Here, you’re approaching the other end of the sales process. As such, you can at times overlook parts of your client’s journey. 

Alongside this, take advantage of employees that frequently interact with your customers and clients. For example, customer service, sales reps and other relevant employees. They can be especially useful in providing their own observed patterns in customer behavior. 

First, begin by mapping your customer’s journey from a more high-level perspective. After you’ve got your basics figured out, you can get more specific. Typically, this involves 5 main stages:

Mapping's of customer journey l NeoDove

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Advocacy 

You can then examine which steps of the customer journey are crucial for sales.

5 Important Steps in Your Customer’s Journey For Sales 

  • Identifying where your customer’s and your own goals align.
  • Finding each touchpoint regarding communication used during their journey.
  • Recognizing their pain points alongside their ‘satisfaction’.
  • Taking the customer journey by yourself.
  • Creating a visual-based map of your customer’s journey.

In this visual map, you could write down touchpoints on individual notes and place them on a board/ wall. 

This kind of visualization enables you to evaluate adding communication to or changing these existing touchpoints. As a whole, mapping helps you identify and prioritize trends. 

By gaining insight into and mapping out their journey you can provide them with a smoother sales experience. 

Tips For Boosting Your Healthcare Sales

The healthcare industry is becoming more and more competitive. So, here are some useful tips to help you boost your sales:

1) Establish value in your content

Oftentimes, healthcare professionals are flooded with large volumes of materials from sales reps. As a result of this, they don’t have the time to read such large amounts of information. 

As such, it’s important to give them valuable content that they want. Moreover, your content should be able to be overviewed in a glance. A good way to do this could be through the use of medical illustrations.

This is a more effective sales approach. With illustrations, healthcare professionals can quickly and easily understand how your product/ service works. This can also save them a great deal of valuable time.

2) Explore different communication channels

Another point to note nowadays is the growing role of social media in customers’ health journeys. In fact, social media can even be considered as a new customer service channel. 

Here, clients can expect an immediate response. Furthermore, health organizations can also better engage and listen to their patients. This goes a long way in enhancing authenticity and showing transparency.

Now, there is no option of not having a social media-based strategy. 

Additionally, younger doctors also prefer to get updates from sales reps via digital channels – mainly mobile devices. So, combining face-to-face communication with some emerging digital trends is a surefire strategy to increase your engagement with doctors.

3) Focus on your patients

It is vital that your sales approach is customer-driven. Based on research, educating your clients/ patients can contribute to beating your competition. In fact, educating them about why your tools are more effective and the best choice makes patients better consumers. 

Quite simply, connect with your clients through education. Your patients want good quality and informational content. With educational graphics and videos, you can make complex scientific information easy to understand. 

In this way, you’re able to keep patients and clients alike informed and updated about your business and products.

4) Train your sales team well

It is very important that you develop a proper training plan for your sales team

A training plan ensures that they have enough resources and have enough information about your products and services. This in turn helps facilitate good relationships with healthcare professionals.

Using interactive and visual presentations, you can ensure your sales team understands your message clearly. You can easily take complex things and make them simple in nature.

5) Try to interact with online communities of patients

By connecting with patient organizations, you gain access to a whole targeted audience that may have been closed off otherwise. As such, involving patient leads into your healthcare marketing plan could be a complete game-changer.

Moreover, you’ll be able to provide educational resources and openly engage with patients. These are both great ways for your business to gain trust and maintain transparency.


Healthcare sales management can appear quite daunting at first. However, by simply managing your sales cycle better, your sales can drastically improve.

Being able to understand your client’s perspective and identifying areas of improvement may take some time. However, it can truly help enhance your healthcare sales. 

Similarly, remember to keep the above tips in mind when approaching new clients and customers. It may take a while to get to your business’ optimal productivity levels. But, with a little hard work and perseverance, you’ll be sure to get there!

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