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Outbound Calling: The Key To Boost College Admissions

Published on October 26, 2021
Last modified on October 3, 2023

Did you know that 62% of marketers believe that their outbound calling yields effective results? This is also true in the field of higher education.

The pandemic has changed education. In just a few months, the world saw a shift in ways to increase college admissions through online platforms and EdTech businesses. 

The National Education Policy released by the government in 2020 aims to increase the gross enrolment ratio(GER) for college admissions to 50% by 2035. Currently, it is at 26.3 percent.

Reaching out to applicants for college admissions has never been more challenging. After the pandemic, students are unsure about their college admissions, their classes, semesters, and their future.

However, education always has a way out!

In this article, you will get to know 8 different ways to increase college admissions through effective outbound calling.

What is the future of college admissions?

Generation Z is replacing the former generation in colleges and universities. That means college admissions would be held for the most tech-savvy generation of all. And, what better way to reach them than to leverage technology?

When it comes to ways to increase college admissions, today’s generation expects universities to provide them with the ability to apply on a user-friendly, secure, and intuitive platform. 

Moreover, they also want instant answers for every question they have, sustained communication, and proper guidance in their college admissions.

The best way for universities to achieve this is through outbound calling. Outbound calling is excellent for managing your relationship with applicants effectively. Furthermore, it is among the most popular ways to increase college admissions. 

8 Ways To Increase College Admissions Through Telemarketing

Outbound calling or telemarketing for colleges and universities is not a new thing. However, it has seen a surge in recent years due to the pandemic. 

Here are some ways to increase college admissions with telemarketing:

1) Speeding up the initial contact through emotional connection

It is important to create an early emotional connection with the applicants. During college admissions, students may decide that they like or dislike a particular university or college. In that case, it will be difficult to reverse their thinking about it during college admission process.

One of the ways to increase college admissions with outbound calling includes using it to bridge up a connection and trust with the applicants. Outbound calling helps steer their decision-making process in your favor.

Tip – Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the initial call.

2) Listen carefully and answer their concerns promptly

To impress those tech-savvy applicants, you have to be proactive while implementing your outbound calling properly.

Applicants might miss out on opportunities because of the lack of information during the initial contact.

Tip – Take the time to actively listen to their queries and address them promptly. Provide clear and concise answers, showcasing your institution’s commitment to student success. 

3) Follow-up and stay connected

It is of vital importance for both the applicants and the university to stay in touch during the application process. 

Thus, outbound calling is important to connect about any overlooked concerns during the initial contact and to provide updates. In this way, it plays a key role amongst ways to increase college admissions.

Tip – Offer assistance in completing application forms, securing financial aid, and understanding program requirements.

4) Use communication and lead management tools

Using outbound calling and convenient communication and lead management tools to automate the whole process is important.

Outbound calling includes following up, and asking for feedback from applications about the college admission processes. This benefits universities by saving time, money, manpower, and helps to retain and acquire new applicants easily.

Tip – Invest in advanced communication and lead management tools to streamline your efforts.

5) Personalized admissions guidance

Tailor your telemarketing approach to the individual needs and aspirations of each student. 

Students are more likely to choose a college that provides them with a customized roadmap for their academic journey. Thus, proving an effective way to increase college admissions.

Tip – Offer personalized admissions guidance, helping them navigate through the application process, scholarship opportunities, and program options. 

6) Showcase unique selling points (USPs)

Highlight what sets your college apart from the rest. 

Make sure prospective students understand the exceptional opportunities they’ll have by choosing your college for their education.

Tip – Emphasize your institution’s unique selling points, such as outstanding faculty, cutting-edge facilities, or special programs. 

7) Alumni success stories

Share success stories of your alumni who have achieved remarkable feats after graduating from your college. 

Alumni success stories serve as powerful testimonials to the quality of education and opportunities your college offers.

Tip – Use real-life examples to inspire potential students and demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending your institution. 

8) Engage through social media and webinars

Extend your telemarketing efforts to the digital realm. These online interactions provide additional touchpoints where you can address inquiries, share insights, and showcase campus life. 

Building an online community around your college can significantly impact college admissions.

Tip – Host informative webinars and engage with prospective students on social media platforms. 

How Universities Can Use Outbound Calling To Effectively Manage Young Applicants

Universities need to contact, gather and manage all of the information on thousands of applicants quickly and efficiently. Thus, it’s important to use the right software for outbound calling. 

This can help with reaching out for college admissions, recording and tracking calls and scheduling follow-ups.

With generation Z, you have to cope with the instant communication style or else you might be left behind. Moreover, using software reduces the response time through automation. This helps resolve college admissions related queries in real time and increases college admissions.

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How NeoDove Can Help Increase College Admissions

NeoDove Telecalling CRM offers innovative ways to increase college admissions through personalized calling strategies. Its features are designed to simplify the admission process and enhance its effectiveness. 

With NeoDove, your communication becomes streamlined and efficient. It provides tools to manage a comprehensive database of leads, schedule calls, and automate follow-ups. This structured approach ensures that no potential student slips through the cracks, significantly boosting your conversion rates.

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    Personalization is key in student engagement, and NeoDove excels in this aspect. The CRM allows you to tailor your interactions with students, making them feel valued and understood. This personal touch can greatly influence their decision to choose your college for admission.

    Moreover, NeoDove’s analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into your calling campaigns. You can track what’s working and what needs adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your approach continuously.

    In summary, NeoDove Telecalling CRM empowers colleges to connect with prospective students more effectively, resulting in ways to increase college admissions through personalized, data-driven calling strategies.


    All these steps if followed religiously can definitely help to smoothen college admission processes. Moreover, if outbound calling is done effectively, it can be an effective way to increase college admissions. 

    Thus, colleges and universities can have a cost reduction method that would facilitate both colleges and students.

    End-to-end tech platform services such as a telecalling CRM like NeoDove helps with creating a dynamic sales engagement strategy. Having such a sales engagement strategy helps boost sales, increase lead capturing and retention, and induce customer referral.

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    4 Ways Outbound calling helps increase college admissions - NeoDove

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