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How to increase college admissions through outbound telecalling

Published on October 26, 2021
Last modified on March 9, 2022
how to increase admissions in college

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


The pandemic has changed education. In just a few months, the world saw a shift in college admissions through online platforms and EdTech businesses blooming. 

Reaching out for applicants has never been more challenging. The students are also very confused about their college admissions, their classes, semester, and looking at the bigger picture. 

The future. 

However, education always has a way out!

Find out how to increase admissions in college and manage applicants in a better way:


The future of college admissions

Generation Z is replacing the former generation in taking over their places in colleges and universities. This means that admission is reaching out to the most tech-savvy generation of all. And what better way to reach them than to leverage technology.

Today’s generation is not only expecting universities to provide them with the ability to apply on a user-friendly, secured, and intuitive platform, they also want instant answers for every question they have, sustained communication, and relevant feedback throughout their application process.

The best way for universities to achieve this is through outbound calling and a useful tool to manage your relationship with applicants effectively. 

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How to increase admissions in college through telemarketing?

Telemarketing for colleges and universities is not a new thing, but it has seen a surge in recent years due to the pandemic. 

Here are some steps you can take to promote college admissions. 

Speeding up the initial contact through emotional connection

It is important to create an early emotional connection with the applicants because once they have decided that they like a particular university or college, it will be difficult to reverse their thinking about it. Plus, bridging up a connection, adds value to the applicant, helps to build trust, and reinforces their decision-making process.

Listen carefully and answer their concerns promptly

To impress those tech-savvy applicants, you have to listen carefully to what they are saying and proactively tackle any concerns they might have during the communication process. Applicants might miss out on opportunities because of the lack of information during the initial contact.

Follow-up and stay connected

It is of vital importance for both the applicants and the university to stay in touch during the application process to follow up regarding any overlooked concerns during the initial contact and to provide updates.

Use communication and lead management tool

Using outbound calling or a convenient communication and lead management tool to automate the whole connecting, following up, and providing feedback process benefits universities by saving time, money, manpower, and helps to retain and acquire new applicants easily.


How can universities use communication and lead management tools to effectively manage young applicants?

Universities should be able to contact, gather and manage all of the information on thousands of applicants quickly yet efficiently so using the right software can help with reaching out, recording and tracking the results of the call, and even scheduling follow-up calls.

With generation z you have to cope with the instant communication style or else you might be left behind. And using software reduces the response time through automation. It assists with delegating inquiries to the right team member within the admission team to resolve queries in real-time.

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Wrapping up

All these steps if followed religiously can definitely help to smoothen the admission processes. Moreover, once it works all fine then for years to come the colleges and universities can have a cost reduction method that would facilitate both colleges and students.

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