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How SMEs can implement remote working effectively?

Published on November 8, 2021
Last modified on May 17, 2022
remote working

It’s hard to believe that we’re going to step into 2022 in just a few days. The Pandemic had a lasting impact on businesses worldwide. 

Many are adapting to the sudden transition to remote working and some seem to have aced it. What are their secrets?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how businesses have sustained themselves through the pandemic.


How did remote working come into existence?

It may seem like it is easy for large enterprises to cope with the Work From Home (WFH) policy because employees’ responsibilities are deployed on a larger scale. But hard for SMEs to cope with it, especially with fewer employees and a bigger extent of responsibilities.

remote working

Although the SME workforce is known as immense multi-taskers and we are in the middle of a flexible workplace revolution so embracing technology should be essential to reduce the time spent on unproductive tasks and to focus on work that drives business growth.

SMEs can benefit from this automation rather than perceiving it as an obstacle because it does have some extra advantages like:


  • Flexible working hours, which mean improved employee retention.
  • Maintaining a higher level of employee morale and engagement, which leads to building trust, gaining respect, and bringing value to the company.
  • It helps in achieving work-life balance, improving employees’ overall performance and happiness.
  • A lower level of absenteeism.


Of course, there are some disadvantages of employees working from home as well, like the risk of a data breach, lack of communication, difficulty in managing and maintaining responsibility, connectivity issues, distractions, respecting time, and last but not least, tracking employee performance.

But with challenges like the auto dealers being instructed to avoid contact with customers by OEMs like Hyundai TATA, etc., adapting to technology is inevitable. Auto dealers can rely on telecalling, live chats, and teleconferencing to meet up and reach out to prospects, without any face-to-face encounter.

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How can SMEs use NeoDove to overcome these challenges?

The key is to make good use of technology to communicate, outline employees’ responsibilities, assign tasks, follow-ups, complaint redressal, and monitor progress and by this businesses can pave the way for employees to work from home.

Modern tools like NeoDove an outbound calling software, which is an end-to-end tech and highly secured platform that provides communication and leads management solutions. It helps businesses of all scales and sizes manage their day-to-day communication and sales processes.

NeoDove outbound calling software assists with keeping track of updated information like the selling status of each prospect and schedules of which prospect you are supposed to contact and when. 

The platform has helped dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group manage their customer relationships successfully. SMEs can use the platform to communicate with clients without the need for any face to face interaction and they can also use the platform for employee engagement activities like:


  •  Allocating tasks to employees, to optimize their capacity and track their productivity.
  • Maintain and manage timesheets to provide clear deliverables.
  • Have real-time insights to monitor the work progress.
  • Schedule regular online meetings to follow up and provide regular feedback.


Wrap up

Tech tools such as outbound calling software, the automatic dialer can have a huge part in improving the performance of the employees and making remote successful but so can smart management. 

You have to communicate a lot. Set clear expectations and ground rules. And being flexible by focusing on the outcome rather than activity. 

Get started on your remote working strategy with NeoDove.

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