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How a Startup is Boosting up Your Remote Working Experience

Published on March 27, 2020
Last modified on November 6, 2020

NeoDove was introduced to the SaaS family of agile communication and lead management in 2019 by Arpit Khandelwal and Ankit Agrawal. The idea came into existence when the co-founders identified many problems while operating as, Arpit a Director in an automobile dealership and Ankit a tech expert in prominent organizations. The problems ranged from lack of an efficient communication tool, absence of real-time robust sales data, to difficulty in managing and monitoring the performance of the sales team. And the tools which already existed were too complicated and counterintuitive for employees who are not proficient in technology to use, which obstructed the business from growing rapidly.

It was then when the co-founders decided with a spirited initiative, purpose-driven, and resourcefulness to create a technology that would serve small and mid-size businesses in India. A simple technology that brings more clarity and effective control over the brand awareness process and customer experience to drive better relationships with the targeted audience.

NeoDove is a one-stop sales automation telecalling software platform, offering solutions for outbound calls, inbound marketing, data management, and reengagement strategies. The platform can help the sales team of businesses of any scale and size, maximize their calling output with ultimate telecalling software, record detailed information about prospects, view communication history, schedule tasks, assign leads to other sales reps, and maintain follow-ups. The platform offers a wide range of customization options to increase the overall productivity of the business.

Now during this period of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that SMBs will be facing many challenges because of the crisis, therefore we decided to metamorphose the platform to help Indian SMBs harness their efforts in remote working to be productive and at least maintain revenue.

We understand that at any SMB an employee is one of the most important assets so to guarantee a high level of productivity and a desirable performance from them, businesses must habilitate the remote environment for great employee experience. Relying on that notion we are transforming our platform into an ecosystem that will boost the experience of working from home.

SMB employees can easily access the platform from any location and at any given time. It helps businesses be more organized and productive, by offering more transparency and control over the communication process. And it allows them to monitor the performance of employees with real-time insights. NeoDove can be integrated with various social media channels and listing platforms. And it is AI-enabled to ensure maximum efficiency.

The platform is extremely convenient and cost-effective, it has helped dealers of OEMs like TATA, Bajaj, and companies like Bajaj Finserv and Platinum Group manage their employees and customer relationships successfully.

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