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The Importance of Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Published on September 2, 2022
Last modified on September 2, 2022
Healthcare Marketing Strategy And Why It Matters l NeoDove

Are you interested in reaching more consumers?

Then, perhaps you should consider improving and revamping your healthcare marketing strategy.

Healthcare marketing is vital when it comes to attracting new consumers and guiding them through the healthcare system. Moreover, in healthcare, it’s not always easy to just jump onto the latest marketing trends.

As such, if you want your business to stand out, you need to experiment with new techniques. In fact, find ways to incorporate the latest most effective healthcare marketing strategies into your system.

In this article, we will be covering healthcare marketing strategies and their importance in any healthcare organization.

What Is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing refers to the process of communications and strategic outreach to attract healthcare customers. It’s used to guide consumers through their own healthcare journey while also keeping them engaged in the health system. 

What is Health Care Marketing l NeoDove

Similarly, healthcare marketing strategies are strategies employed by your business to achieve successful healthcare sales. They integrate highly-segmented, multi-platform and targeted online and offline methods to improve your business growth.

Healthcare marketing also focuses on the creation and offering of healthcare related information. It is based on information from different fields and focuses on utilizing traditional marketing principles alongside health promotion.

Typically, you can measure the success of your marketing efforts by using specific metrics, KPIs or marketing ROI. 

Why Is Healthcare Marketing Strategy Important?

Healthcare marketing is an important factor that contributes towards sustainable growth. Without it, there’d be significantly less new patients and even loyal patients may end up leaving your business.

Nowadays, there are multiple healthcare options in the same area providing either the same or similar services. As such, how is your business supposed to separate itself from countless others?

This is where your marketing strategy comes in. Effective marketing shows patients that your organization is different from your competitors. Not only this, but it also puts across that your business is the overall better option.

Benefits Of Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketing and the use of healthcare marketing strategy can have many benefits for your business. Some of them include:

  • Establishing trust while demonstrating your business’ expertise
  • You can connect with patients and clients across multiple channels
  • Build more brand awareness
  • Retaining more long-term patients while improving loyalty in the healthcare community
  • Digital Healthcare Access
  • You can generate a healthy revenue while driving more qualified leads
  • Managing your reputation
  • You can evaluate and better adapt your strategy based on healthcare data analytics

8 Best Healthcare Marketing Strategies Of Today

The ever-changing field of healthcare can be challenging to even some of the most experienced marketers. Marketing teams must strive to keep up with the latest trends to develop effective strategies.

As such, here are some of the best healthcare marketing strategies:

1) Create a seamless digital experience for your patient

Modern consumers expect to engage with your business at their own convenience. As such, effective marketing strategy values the patient experience and lets them access your system through their preferred channel. 

Create a seamless digital experience for your patient l NeoDove

First, identify the popular places through which your patients engage with your business. For example, your business website, engagement center, listings by third-party physicians, etc.

Then, outline the path your patients are most likely to choose after first engaging with your business. This process is known as mapping your patient’s journey. 

2) Make your healthcare branding consistent

It’s simply a fact that consumers don’t buy from brands they don’t trust. In a similar way, your consumers will not want to choose a healthcare organization that they’re unfamiliar with. 

How do you set your business apart from other healthcare providers? For this, you need to create a strong as well as recognizable brand. Moreover, you should also promote awareness of it. Both these actions go a long way towards growing your ROI and reducing cost-per-acquisition.

Furthermore, think about the things that make your business unique. Is it your caring staff? Do you provide high quality care? Are you using the latest technology? Is your business strongly trusted by your patients?

You need to identify at least one thing that makes your organization unique. This is what ultimately helps your consumers remember your healthcare organization’s name. 

At times, it may take a while to figure out what works best for your brand. However, eventually pairing an effective healthcare marketing strategy with great branding will definitely boost your business.

3) Prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For healthcare providers, search engines are your main source of online traffic. As such, you must completely optimize your website for indexing performed by search engine crawlers. 

Prioritize Search Engine Optimization l NeoDove

SEO is a good method of strategically preparing your website so that its content ranks better. Moreover, a little search engine optimization can give you an edge over your competitors in terms of local searches.

3) Use personalization to build an engaging relationship with your customers

In spite of the personal nature of healthcare, most marketing strategies do not incorporate personalization. In reality, this is quite a missed opportunity. 

Use personalization to build an engaging relationship with your customers l NeoDove


Marketers generally have a large collection of clinical data as well as consumer and behavioral data. They can then input this data into their CRM software to swiftly identify who’s in need of their services.

4) Build a strong and responsive website for your organization

A high-quality website can help optimize your patients’ journey in many ways. Through your website, you can collect useful consumer data that can be utilized in marketing. For example, fueling personalization digitally, remarketing campaigns, etc. 

Build a strong and responsive website for your organization l NeoDove

Additionally, modern websites allow you to deliver personalized experiences through creatives and copy. Moreover, they act as a central location for all of your content. This makes it much easier for patients to learn more about your business. 

Furthermore, ensure that your site design is responsive as Google favors responsive sites over non-responsive ones. Alongside this, you should also optimize your site speeds for easy use by patients.

5) Take advantage of social media 

Far too many healthcare organizations tend to only rely on traditional media. To be successful in this day and age, you must have a handle over your social media as well. 

On social media platforms, you can promote your products, interact with people, share updates and so much more. An organic social media strategy helps in building your brand and growing your community. 

Ideally, you should also allocate part of your marketing budget for certain paid social media. Doing this helps boost your posts and run ads effectively. Paid advertising enables you to reach more people who might be interested in your services. 

6) Track and better manage your patient reviews

Statistics show that a large number consider patient reviews when choosing their preferred healthcare service. Your consumers would want to see that other individuals have had positive experiences before they make a purchase. For all these reasons, it’s important to collect positive reviews from your satisfied patients.

However, negative reviews are also unavoidable. Even when patients express their thoughts in a brutally honest way, you should thank them for the feedback. Moreover, then directly address their concerns and convey how you plan to prevent such issues in the future.

Keep in mind that all your reviews need to be HIPAA compliant and empathetic. Also, ensure to never buy or post fake reviews from third-parties.

7) Analyze your marketplace

With the growing number of new developments and entrants in healthcare, understanding changing market dynamics is quite important. 

By using advanced healthcare business intelligence filled with healthcare-specific data, your team can better understand specific market dynamics. For example, market share, consumer need, competitive dynamics, etc.


As a whole, the healthcare industry is rapidly changing. What initially was a volume-based industry focused on the physician, has now become quality-based and patient-centric. 

As a result, it’s important for businesses who wish to be successful to incorporate new techniques and strategies. This is why marketing teams have begun to incorporate a certain healthcare marketing strategy into each marketing endeavor.

Although adapting to change may seem a bit challenging, it is vital for your business to do so. Take some time to understand what your customers really want and how to provide it to them. Moreover, focus on how to better communicate that you’re the best healthcare choice for them.

By applying some simple yet effective marketing strategies, your business is sure to be successful in no time!


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