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The Best GoDial Alternative You Should Know – NeoDove

Published on January 3, 2022
Last modified on August 3, 2022
godial alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to using GoDial?

Perhaps you’re interested in a dynamic easy-to-use software to better engage your customers?

Well, look no further. Consider investing in NeoDove today – one of India’s leading auto dialer and telecalling CRM.

In this article, we will learn more about NeoDove and why it’s the best GoDial alternative on the market.


What is NeoDove?


NeoDove is a telecalling CRM that comes with a full-featured auto dialer. It helps small and medium businesses to establish strong connections and build strong relationships with their customers.

NeoDove provides the missing link to create better business-customer relationships. Due to better developed business-customer relationships, you’re able to increase sales and drive more conversions.

Moreover, it comes equipped with various essential, innovative features such as a lead management system, hundreds of integrations, instant messaging options, and more. Furthermore, you can count on them for consistent support.

With its simple easy-to-use interface and ability to adapt to user needs, it provides a quality service like no other. NeoDove helps you go a long way in building a bigger and stronger business.


Why is NeoDove a better alternative to GoDial?

GoDial is a platform that comes with its own set of features, integrations and user interface to better customer interactions.

However, alongside these, NeoDove also brings to the table many new unique features guaranteed to positively impact your customers’ experience and your sales growth.



GoDial uses an autodialer that allows you to automatically call your customers. Moreover, it also enables reps to leave voice notes or messages after calls.

NeoDove also utilizes automated and progressive dialing, but it goes several steps further than that. Beginning with provides multiple calling options like a click-to-dial option, status-wise and campaign-wise calling. After each call, reps can send instant WhatsApp messages, SMS or email – without saving the lead’s contact information.

Furthermore, the reps can check the lead history each time they call or anytime they want. Not just that, they can view their call statistics, assign tasks, enable geo-tagging, and do so much more. Additionally, regular phone users can access all these features through a web-dialer.

NeoDove brings a truly holistic telecalling experience. Not only does NeoDove’s auto dialer reduce your customer wait time, it also improves your operational efficiency.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

godial alternative

GoDial offers an integrated mobile CRM to help make the calling process easier. It lets you customize fields and templates and creates overview reports based on calling activity.

In comparison, NeoDove is a telecalling CRM suitable for both mobile and PC. Its mobile CRM helps with on-the-go lead management and enables your agents to work remotely. 

In addition to offering 360-degree lead management, NeoDove enables you to carry out real time lead and performance tracking. This is very useful in providing up to date analytics which can be further examined to gain valuable insights.

Moreover, NeoDove’s CRM allows for easy third party integration. There are hundreds of integrations available. Thus, leading to a more efficient and overall better automated workflow.


Bulk Messaging

GoDial uses a rather simple messenger feature to send out bulk messages. With auto message and after call message options, the whole messaging process can be quickly automated.

NeoDove however, uses SMS automation alongside Bulk messaging campaigns to make the whole process more efficient. As a result of its multi-platform integration, NeoDove is a lot more versatile when it comes to messaging customers.

NeoDove’s bulk messaging campaigns enable your business to drive better ROI and reach more customers without any hassle. Furthermore, it is a low-effort cost-effective method of increasing brand awareness amongst potential customers.


Quality Monitoring

godial features

GoDial does allow you to track and manage outgoing calls with customers. It even enables you to collect call recordings. However, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to quality monitoring.

However, with NeoDove you can constantly monitor your sales team and greatly optimize productivity. Furthermore, you can even obtain real time KPI reports to have a better understanding of your business and sales process.

By using sales team activity data, you can eliminate some of the most time-consuming activities. Thus, making lead processing much more efficient.


Cloud Telephony and Other Extended Features

With inbuilt cloud telephony, NeoDove provides you with a platform for seamless interactions with customers. Furthermore, you can capture incoming leads easily.

NeoDove allows you to segregate and classify leads collected from various sources.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution

NeoDove’s IVR solution helps your business connect with customers instantly. In the case that agents are unavailable, NeoDove’s IVR solution comes to your rescue. 

It is an automated calling solution that interacts with your customers with a personalized greeting. It also comes equipped to answer a wide range of queries expected from your customers. As a result of NeoDove’s top-notch IVR, it offers 24×7 customer service.


Sticky Agent

neodove features

NeoDove’s sticky agent feature allows for advanced routing of customer calls. Using this feature, customers can automatically be reconnected with the agent they have previously spoken to.

As such, much time is saved and your customers don’t need to retell their inquiries and customer journey to different agents. This greatly lowers the chances of lead mismanagement.

Stick Agent helps connect customers with the right agent to help them resolve their queries quickly. Moreover, it allows for smoother call flow management and minimum holds during calls. Thus, decreasing customer frustration.

It even helps improve certain KPIs like call handling time, transfer rate and more.



GoDial allows for basic integrations with common platforms like JustDial, IndiaMart, Sulekha, 99acre, etc. Besides these, it is also compatible with Integromat and Zapier. You can even import contacts or contact lists directly from Google Sheets when needed. 

The GoDial API can be used to optimally integrate GoDial into your business’ system.You can then push data from your website or pull their reports based on your needs.

In comparison, NeoDove offers a wide range of integrations of various types. For example, Facebook, Instagram, WIX, TeleCMI, HubSpot, Exotel, etc.

While it is compatible with popular source integrations like Zapier, IFTTT and Integromat, it also allows custom integrations. Through webhooks, over a hundred integrations are made available on NeoDove. 

NeoDove uses real time lead data to automate lead capturing. Not only this, it also supports criteria-based integrations to increase its flexibility.


User Interface

godial vs neodove

GoDial presents a plain standard user interface which allows users to easily track and manage calls. GoDial also lets you schedule tasks and follow-ups in an easy-to-follow manner.

NeoDove comes equipped with an easy-to-use multilingual user interface. This alongside its dynamic nature makes the application accessible to various people across industries. Your team is able to work in a language they feel comfortable with.

In addition to this, you can capture and record data in different languages as well. This enables your business to easily expand across geographical locations.

NeoDove also allows you to pre-configure message templates as well as customize your scripts. This can really help your team members when it comes to talking with your prospects. 


The Main Difference between GoDial and NeoDove

SIM-based Auto Dialer Vs. Cloud-based Telephony

Perhaps one of the most notable differences is that GoDial uses a SIM-based auto dialer. The application uses your agent’s phone SIM card to make any calls. As call masking is not used, this means that customers will see your agent’s actual phone number.

Not just sim-based calling, NeoDove embraces cloud telephony integration as well. It uses faster and better phone services to seamlessly transition your own phone system into the cloud. This allows for flexible on-demand access whenever needed. 

Having cloud telephony allows you to instantly connect with customers via the internet. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to greatly improve your customer service and business continuity. 

In fact, when using a cloud-based system, your business is able to stay connected with your customers for longer periods of time.


What additional value does NeoDove offer you?

godial alternative

NeoDove and GoDial are both CRM-based sales engagement platforms. However, NeoDove has a lot more to offer your business in so many ways.

NeoDove offers your business a web-based lead management software and sales management application. Its system was created with the objective of helping businesses better manage sales on the go.

The NeoDove portal offers a range of campaigns to act as the foundation for your sales activities. You can then pick a campaign based on your business needs.

In terms of customer engagement, NeoDove allows for multichannel communication across platforms. Moreover, it also has options that let you customize scripts and variables in WhatsApp templates. 

NeoDove is able to even generate reports so that you can better evaluate your organization’s performance. It provides two main types of reports – user and campaign reports. 

As a whole, NeoDove engages your customers and clients in a perfectly seamless manner. 



Overall, although GoDial is well-equipped to handle all your calling needs, NeoDove can do that and so much more.

NeoDove is an auto dialer and telecalling CRM that aims to help optimize your business by streamlining sales. With the help of its many many features, it hopes to build strong long lasting connections between your business and your customers. 

Moreover, NeoDove helps you convert more leads alongside enhancing your customer engagement. All of its marketing perks go a long way in building brand interest and loyalty amongst your prospects.

By focusing on helping you build a strong sales pipeline, NeoDove also helps boost sales and increases revenue. For all these reasons, NeoDove is the best alternative to GoDial. 

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